Internet companies are born to “chain”


The block chain is the underlying technology that promotes the deposition of the financial field, its value and potential are quickly recognized by the domestic science and technology investment circle. The most sensitive commercial smell, the industry expands the most flexible Internet giants, and starts embrace the block chain. In the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the “Fourteen” Information Communications Industry Development Plan “, the block chain is mentioned more than ten times, specially emphasizes the zone chain to become an important infrastructure that expands digital development space. The block chain is an important digital technology tool for the Internet vendor. The service capabilities will be significantly enhanced during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period.

01 “14th Five” block chain can be significantly enhanced

When traditional Internet bonus is about to touch the ceiling, the Internet Enterprise Deployment Zone Chain is the same as deploying clouds, AI is an important strategic leader, intended to obtain “rebirth” in the industrial Internet era. In this regard, overseas technology giants seem to pay more attention to the long-term effects of zone chain technology, not short-term interests, and therefore largely lead the development direction of the global block chain industry.

As a Internet vendor that can contribute to blood and vitality for national information technology, the strategic significance of the layout zone chain should be greater than the siege and market expansion, the national and industrial development needs them will initially apply “test water” in the block chain. , Transformation and output are a general-purpose product with higher or standardized and standardized, in digital upgrades to the core support.

02 block chain technology principle decision to go

The essence of the block chain is a distributed distributed classification, which mainly depends on the distributed network, encryption algorithm and consensus mechanism of the block chain.

1. Distributed network: All computers in the block chain network have the same book, which is fully open and transparent, and anyone can keep an account. When the block chain is approved for a batch of transactions, the transaction will be recorded in everyone’s book.

2. Encryption Algorithm: If someone can book and log out on the block chain network, the security of the storage data cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, the block chain uses an encrypted encryption algorithm to solve this problem. Only breaking through complex encryption technology, we can tamper with the book and modify the data.

3. Consensus mechanism: Network nodes on the block chain may not be mutually understood, but the dispersion of the block chain allows users to trust and cooperate with users of different nodes to jointly maintain data security. If someone tampered with the submission data, the tamperned data will synchronize into everyone’s books throughout the network. Only more than half people agree that this modification can write to the block chain, otherwise it will not be identified by the network. Therefore, the more dispersed the node, the higher the data security.

03 block chain should exist “more one more less” features

One of the characteristics of “a little more”: there are many companies in the block chain, but the real running enterprises are less.

Data show that from 2016, the number of corporate registrations in the block chain has grown rapidly. In 2017, it is 3 times in 2016. In 2018, it is 3 times in 2017, reaching 16,000, reaching more than 2020. Application also presents “multi-point blossom”, data is spent, anti-counterfeiting, traceability, supply chain finance account for more than half. The application of the block chain knows that the identification of interest is also accumulated, data shows that more than 6,000 companies have a block chain related patent. It is mainly focused on safe technology, league technology, consensus mechanism, and intelligent contract.

However, a real business, business business is very small. From the registered record, there are only more than 1,000 households.

“One more and one less” feature 2: There are many safety hazards, and there are few guards.

There is a problem when the block chain is safe. First, there is a defect in the design of the technical mechanism and the block chain itself; the second is to have security issues based on the application of the block chain.

The block chain application is also developing new challenges. Such as independent controllable technologies and foundations are still lacking. Based on the leading block chain technology platform of foreign countries, the relatively small independent, some of the domestic companies have introduced some block chains platform, but it is relatively small, but also needs further improve and promotion. At the same time, there are some bottlenecks in the technology itself, and there is also a difficult point and bottleneck in cross-chain interoperability.

Therefore, it is recommended to strengthen the guidance and management of the block chain from three aspects: First, actively participate in the project of the international league chain, promote domestic quality projects to go out; the second is to promote the development of the block chain to develop independently controllable and open source construction; third is called for Pay attention to the technical safety of block chains.

04 Digital development inventory protection

Block chain technology has great application value in the future digital development and building a metamorphic economic system. The restrictive factors in the development of block chain technology are some of their problems in its development.

If the deposition of the block chain is not completely reliable. The characteristics of the block chain are decentralized, while the premise of going to the center is that there is no problem with the credit of both parties to the default transaction. However, in actual transactions, this premise cannot be fully guaranteed. Moreover, if there is a problem with a certain party, the transaction cannot be revoked in time. This vulnerability will lead to serious social and economic order issues.

The advantage of centralization is certification, management mechanisms are clearly unified, can concentrate on doing major events, high efficiency; and any defects in management, arbitration work, and any flaws on mechanisms will cause problems, and lack of power constraints, thus appearing over negative or Concentrate on the situation of making bad things. So there is a need to make up for insufficient centralization. So how is the zipper chain to achieve detrimenting? The core is mainly the following three technologies. Encryption Technology

There are a variety of classification of password technology systems. Basically, password technology can be divided into symmetrical encryption systems and asymmetric encryption systems, each of which have different use scenarios and technology routes.

Point-to-point communication technology

Point-to-peer communication technology (Peer to Peer Communication Technology) is a peer-to-peer connection Internet technology, depending on the common computing power and bandwidth of participants in the network, rather than gathering dependencies on fewer servers. Such networks can be used in a variety of purposes, and various archive sharing software has been widely used. P2P technology is also used in data communication such as real-time media services such as VoIP.

Distributed consensus technology

Due to point-to-point communication, distributed systems or point-to-point networks, each node is run according to their own rules. In order to maintain the consistency of the entire system data, it is necessary to use distributed consensus technology. In traditional distributed technology, due to its own technical characteristics, there is no need to consistency, more data accuracy, including master, Sharding technology, etc., but there is no dependence between each node in point-to-point network. Relationship, so there is a need for data consistency.

05 Important facilities for expanding digital development

Thanks to the promotion of government policies at all levels at the central and local levels. Today’s block chains have entered the stage of industrialization and batching, and a large number of block chain infrastructure and project applications that can enable entity economy are continuously launched. It is gradually maturing in the fields of finance, government affairs, judicial fields, traceability, industrial, medical, and agriculture.

“The size of the block chain’s infrastructure output must be put on the application, which is precisely the dilemma facing the entire industry, including Internet companies. Causes the cause of the block chain, it is difficult to apply in-depth applications in the past, technology Not solid is as one reason, but more critical is that the Internet era ‘a larger’ business model follows the centralized / multi-center thinking, it is difficult to achieve in a short period of time, need to be gradually advanced. “

Although the value quantification of the inter-block chain scene is also too early, the competition between the enterprises is still not beginning, but this does not mean that the block chain does not have imagination. On the contrary, with the continuous improvement of data elements, block chains and new generation technology fusion will also usher in their own star sea.

“The form of the next generation of the Internet is likely to be multi-center, set a trusted operation mode of the extremely dependent zone chain, which is in line with the technical value of the country’s block chain – for the physical economy To the incentive, the other hand block chain will become a benign tool for excavating data value. Therefore, the competition between the Internet enterprises may turn in this turn, and the industrial chain may also open a new peer business cooperation model. “