Kill Knto 360 was approved: User Computer Mine was used without agreed

Norton 360 is a well-known anti-virus software. The US market is still very popular. The user agreed to use computer mining.

According to Norton said, after opening Nortoncrypto, use their anti-virus software to dig Eth with a large coin, compared to local or other web wallets, they provide consumers with a safe and reliable way to dig, users don’t have to worry In the trap.

After digging to the mine, the user can track income and transfer these currencies to the Norton encrypted wallet, which is stored in the cloud service, don’t worry about loss.

Norton Crypto is of course not free, it will take 15% mining income, and the user’s transfer of digital currency between the block chain may also be charged the transaction fee.

From the function of Norton Crypto, Norton can steadily earn a difference as a middleman, so although the company means that the Nortoncrypto function is not enabled by default, many users still find that the new version will automatically open this feature, If the user’s computer is idle, it automatically uses the user’s computer mining.

Because this line is, Norton Crypto’s main process Ncrypt.exe is also identified by other kills as malware.