latest news!Digital RMB APP open!See what features and experiences have

The official introduction, the digital RMB (pilot version) app is China’s legal digital currency – digital RMB is the official service platform for individual users to carry out pilot, providing digital RMB personal wallets, the opening and management of digital RMB exchange and circulation services. Digital RMB is still in the routine testing phase of the R & D process, and the operator can register the digital RMB APP in a pilot area and pilot scene expanded.

For this major progress, there is a person who knows the Beijing Business Daily, in the pre-digital renminbi pilot activities, whitelist users install the APP by obtaining redemption, installation packages, there is installation step length, complex operation, unable to download usage, etc. question. In order to enhance the user experience, combine large amounts of feedback and suggestions received in the previous pilot activities, so start this digital RMB APP to work.

After learning the news, many Beijing citizens download APP for the first time, discuss the characteristics of the new version of the app, “I really can’t take a screenshot before, now I can take a screenshot” “” now can also support people Face recognition “……

Beijing Business Daily reporters noted that the digital renminbi (pilot version) has a function and segmentation of the previous version.

Among them, on the partition, simplify the interface into the “Home, Service, My” three segments. The homepage shows all the functions that have opened wallets and related functions. The service contains sub-wallets, red envelopes, hardware wallet management, “My” management New open wallet, account security, setting related functions.

In addition, it includes adding system-level face recognition login and verification, collecting money, auxiliary verification, etc., optimizing the unified management and push of “sub-wallet”, all wallet (soft and hard wallet), unified management, The unity of the wallet is the same.

In addition, operations opens the wallets of “micro-bank” institutions. Digital Renminbi (Pickup Edition) shows that the digital renminbi wallet is classified according to customer identification intensity. At present, the personal digital RMB wallet is divided into four kinds of wallet types, and a class of wallets need to handle in the pilot area of ??operations. Operating organizations include Industrial and Commercial Bank, Agricultural Bank, Bank of China, Construction Bank, Bank of Communications, Postal Savings Bank, China Merchants Bank, Bank of China (Alipay), Miniature Bank (WeChat payment). Pilot regions include: Shenzhen, Suzhou, Xiongan, Chengdu, Shanghai, Hainan, Changsha, Xi’an, Qingdao, Dalian and Winter Olympics (Beijing, Zhangjiakou).

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Member of the Information Communication Economic Expert Committee, and the executive president of the Digital Economics Research Institute of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, the Digital RMB opened, and the number of digital renminbi has promoted the popularity of digital RMB and improved the convenience of digital renminbi.

“Individual believes that the key difficulties in digital renminbi futurism are universal, while improving the key barriers to the universal spread are both: the communication channel, the current smartphone app is the best communication channel, through an app, bind all Digital RMB applications Scenario, for users, it is more easy to get. The other is easy to use. The more simple payment app, the more people welcome, this is also the advantage of the past mobile payment relative to credit card and other traditional payment methods. And the current number The RMB app has helped provide a popularity of future digital renminbi applications. Of course, the current phase restrictions are still more, such as designating pilot regions, whitening, but through the shelves, it has also brought it to the people of the country. Many expectations. “Dish and Lin said.

For the digital RMB pilot, the central bank’s leader is reported that the central bank has begun to study the statutory digital currency from 2014. In 2016, the first generation of the central bank’s digital currency prototype, and also proposed M0 positioning, double-layer operation system, controlled anonymous Equisical basic features. Since 2017, the central bank cooperates with commercial banks, Internet companies, and jointly carry out digital RMB development. At the end of 2019, the digital renminbi began pilot, including 10 cities and 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics scenes. Some cities have also launched a digital RMB green travel, a low-carbon red envelope and other scenarios.

According to the Central Bank Digital Money Research Institute, Mu Changchun is tested in the digital renminbi stage disclosed by Hong Kong Financial Science and Technology Week 2021. As of 22 October 202, a digital RMB personal wallet was set up 140 million, and the corporate wallet was 10 million. The accumulated transaction pen reached 150 million, and the transaction volume was close to 62 billion yuan. At present, there are 1.55 million commercial support for digital RMB wallets, cover all aspects of public utilities, catering services, transportation, shopping and government affairs.

Looking forward to the renminbi pilot in the industry, in the industry, the scope of the digital RMB pilot area will continue to expand in the future, and the type of scene will be more comprehensive. In commercial practices combined with online online, consumers will bring a better experience.