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Ukraine called forbidden Russians from entering the encrypted market, but the rejection of binance and Coinbase and other encrypted trading giants, the reason they give is to do this unless the law requires this.

In fact, there is currently no official decree to force the Exchange platform to prohibit Russian transaction IP. However, in the United States, it is formally taken to strengthen the sanctions against Russia, and the South Korea’s local five exchanges announced that it prohibits Russian IP and freezes their accounts last week.

It is reported that these five exchanges are the only exchange that is allowed to issue an encrypted currency transfer currency transaction. Therefore, this combined ban makes Russian users unable to fulfill their encrypted monetary assets in Korea.

Singapore and Switzerland announced sanctions

On Saturday, Singapore unexpectedly announced that the country will be sanctions against the Russian central bank, their encrypted currency transactions and export ban of military and electronic products.

In view of the financial importance of Singapore’s financial importance, this decision is expected to have a significant impact on Russia. In addition, since the same importance, Singapore did not implement sanctions for any country for decades. This rare decision makes Singapore a southeast Asian country that is the first to implement sanctions in Russia.

After Singapore and South Korea, Switzerland also announced that they will freeze the encrypted monetary assets of Russian users. A senior official of the Ministry of Finance said: “It is necessary to freeze the encrypted monetary assets, because Switzerland wants to protect the integrity of its block chain industry.”

In addition, the European Union has been sanctions the traditional financial transactions, recently announced that they will expand these sanctions to the encrypted monetary market.

Japan will also sanctions Russia

Although Japan has not yet taken formal measures, the country also said they are reviewing Russia’s tendency to rely on encrypted currencies to bypass sanctions, and implement restrictions to prevent this.

The Minister of Japan said: “We are paying close attention to the inclusion of settlement of currency assets and SPFS to ensure the effectiveness of Russian sanctions.”

That is, the encrypted currency community is likely to hear more about the Russian sanctions, and the first rush or Japan.