Outlook 2022: Circles and opportunities in the block chain world


This is one word that has the highest frequency in all the prospects, no one.

Layer2 refers to the second layer of expansion scheme. In the past, the Emperor Tanfang poured into a large number of developers and users, causing the Emperor Network to become expensive and not easy, and the expansion of the Taiquian is getting higher and higher.

The mainstream expansion protocol in Taiquian has Layer1 and Layer2. It is popular. If the Emperor is a crowded road, the Layer1 program is to transform the original 4 lanes into 8 lanes, while Layer2 is on the basis of the original road, which is now the elevated road. Get extensive support, the essence of Layer2 is the future of ecology of the Emperor.

The mainstream technology of Layer2 has Plasma, Rollup, and Validum, which have a representative project in the market and is being verified by the market. However, Rollup is the current most versatile solution and is also approved by the Officials of the Emperor, solves the way to congestion in Taihang in the short term.

2. New public chain

The opportunity of the new public chain tends to be proposed by the Taihang Expand Program, because if the Equity of the extension program is challenged, the new public will become opportunities. At the same time, Coinbase, Pantera et altitude is predicted while the Layer2 broke out, also predicted the opportunity of new public chains.

The opportunity of new live links come from the Layer1, multi-chain, data available layers, and the like.

Layer1 new public chain, such as Solana, has limitations of their applications, predicted for some areas, such as public chains focusing on games or social media.

Multi-chain, such as Avalanche, Investment Agency Panteracapital said that many technological development will make it important for 2022 to become an important year of multi-chain field, which will accelerate the development of non-ETA ecosystems, and this will also bring opportunities for cross-chain infrastructure.

Delphidigital report said that after evaluating a single-chip chain, multi-chain Hub, Rollup, fractional chain and dedicated DA layer schemes, it is considered that the short-term multi-chain HUB is best suited to solve the urgent needs of the zone chain industry, and long-standing is dedicated. The DA layer will become the expansion finance.

3. Cross chain

The chance of cross chains has been relatively small in the end of the report of 2021, but in early 2021, cross-chain heat is high.

Newcomer’s multi-link brings chances of cross-chain infrastructure, 1Confirmation recent forecast, trust minimized cross bridge is worth looking forward to next year, and its observation has a rich profit.


The report of the research institution Messari is proposed that 2022 will be a year of DAO (detrimental organization), and Coinbase reports that the DAO will enter the DAO 2.0 era next year.

Next year, the DAO field can focus on the DAO infrastructure, which is to quickly establish a DAO through tools. In addition, in terms of screening DAO, you need to focus on analyzing the equity allocation and power generation mechanism of DAO.

In the track, Messari believes that Venture Dao and Curation DAO need to focus on. These two concepts have not yet been unified, and the literal, Venturedao is the depositing venture capital autonomous organization, which can be understood as a community management group, aimed at investing in the joint capital of the community; curationdao is the policy of going to the center Exhibition Autonomous Organizations can be understood as a community-driven creator platform related to media and content planning.

Panteracapital believes that you can focus on DAO around digital cultural identity, crowdfunding and capital allocation, social impact. Even some point of view predict that DAO may acquire some listed companies or traditional companies, which already have DAOs to make actions: Blockbusterdao plans to take $ 5 million to buy the former video rental Empire Blockbuster, and the latter is about to bankrupt.

5. Games & Social

Block Chain Games are sought after by capital in the second half of 2021, many games that have been investred in 2021, will go to the line next year, so it will be a year of Gamefi expectance: not necessarily optimistic, but everyone will start harvest answers .

As for social relationships, recently began to pay attention to risk investment, there is currently no cases, and you can pay attention to this type of new product and user data next year.

6. Zero Knowledge Proof Technology +

Zero knowledge proof refers to the proven to make the validator believe that a certain inferior is correct without providing any useful information to the verifier.

This is not a new technical noun, but there is a new progress because of the competition of the Email. The technology does not appear independently, but in the form of superimposed, such as “zero knowledge certificate + layer2”, “zero knowledge certificate + privacy”, etc. Coinbase believes that more privacy examples may cause supervision attention, KYC (Understanding your customers) / AML (anti-money laundering) will constitute this challenge.

7. Encryption technology penetrates for existing financial services

Investment agency A16Z is expected that due to increasing users of encrypted products, encryption technology and existing financial services will have more combination: there will be more banks or financial technology companies to enter. Risk Investment Data Company CB Insight’s report said that in 2021 financial technology venture capital campaign hit a record high, as of the third quarter, the funds have been more than 96% of the year of 2020, reaching 94.7 billion US dollars, this explanation The demand, banking, scientific giants, and new players poured into this area, including encryption fields.

DEFI (decealizing financial) Although there is not much noise this year, TVL (locking liquidity) has approached 100 billion US dollars. Theblock reported that the DEFI market is worth paying attention to the market, non-dollar stable curd, real world assets, governance transformation, and DEFI bifurcation.


Web3.0 is one of the most popular words at the end of 2021, which is generally the next generation of Internet.

A16Z believes that next year will usher in the US medium-term election, Web3.0 will affect voting of voters and play its role in the US elections.

PanteraCapital focuses on Web3.0 and composite, that is, application and services are seeking to integrate with each other, and pay attention to projects that can solve people – network interactive fracture properties.

9. Social Investment Platform

The social investment platform refers to the wishes of Internet community participants to use funds for greater goals. This phenomenon is in the traditional world and encryption world: the traditional world is the legendary story of Gamestop, and the Encryption World is a US Constitution Auction Dao .

A16Z reported that in next year, many people will see social investment platforms, these platforms use the Internet culture of collective action, making collective investments possible, and the investment objectives may be funds, or the environment, social goals.