Japan will tighten stable coins supervision

According to reports, the Japanese Minimum Financial Regulators Financial Services (FSA) is planning to propose legislation to restrict the release of stable coins in bank and wire transfer. Encrypted currency service providers involved in stable currency transactions, including wallets, will also be included in the scope of supervision of financial regulators. Japan will tighten stable […]

Block chain and the future of agriculture

Block chains can improve the sustainability of supply chain of various scale farmers Agriculture is one of the most important industries on earth. Without it, it will not be able to meet the food demand of growing population on the earth. However, agriculture is facing a wide range of challenges. This means that if the […]

Block chain technology may completely change the health care industry

Recently, AETNA, Anthem, and Clevel Lank Clinic have announced a new block chain-based health care plan that marks the latest signs of the block chain may have potentially impact on the entire healthcare industry. The block chain is known for its security, distributed characteristics and invariability. This technology is usually associated with encrypted currency; it […]

Bitcoin, encrypted currency and block chain: subversive symbiosis

Encrypted currency world and the entire block chain technology occupy a media every day. At the G20 summit, the block chain is one of the hot topics, and has always been the focus of many companies. Experts talk about a new basic technology, the next “evolutionary phase” of the Internet, and the new world that […]

Russian sanctions bring “dramatic test time” for encrypted currency exchanges

A compliance expert said that after the invasion of Ukraine, the sanctions implemented by Russia provide a “dramatic test time” for the Government and the encrypted monetary industry to prevent abuse of this technology. “In the geopolitical, encryption is now the center stage of dialogue,” said Luat Shetret, director of regulatory affairs and compliance policy […]

Commercial giants sign a cooperation agreement encrypting currency payment is rising in Korea

According to Kookminilbo report, in the past 12 months, the number of CUs in South Korea’s largest chain convenience store in South Korea increased by 136.6%. However, the report did not provide any other number. In both cases, Cu operated by BGF Retail Business Group accepts some payment methods related to encrypted currency, including the […]

Powell: The necessity of Russian conflict highlights the correction of the currency supervision

In view of the various sanctions that Russia received in conflicts with Ukraine, the Fed Chairman Jerom Powell said this conflict “emphasizes” the need to “emphasize” the need to advocate the murdery supervision in the next few months. Maintain effective sanctions After the testimony on Wednesday, Powell was asked if Russia would like to use […]

Virtual asset investment opens the opportunity for Hong Kong residents

Hong Kong billionaire, real estate tycoon Zheng Zhigang, Zheng Jiashun’s son, announced through the sandbox to add virtual real estate to his portfolio, which opened up the road in this new world for large investors and the public. Zheng Zhigang, the President and Executive Vice Chairman of the New World Development, said: “I am very […]

Seven ways of accelerating digital transformation in block chains

In recent years, new trends and development have hit the business world from all directions. In a wide range of digital transformation, if the company is survive, strategic decisions on how to arrange business processes and integrate it into operations, it is critical. For this reason, the management team cannot slow half a shot in […]

Data privacy in the field of encryption is a new track

Data is wealth, privacy is also wealth. Investors should care about personal privacy because it has become a trend that has had impact on the market. It is certain that some of the world’s most successful, most profitable companies are booming due to significant lack of privacy protection. Like Google (now Alphabet) and Facebook companies, […]