What must I develop in the development of Yuancos?

The Yuanhe Universe is a platform with trusted asset value and identity authentication to carry virtual activity, and realizes replication of real world underlying logic. Its essence is a platform to carry all virtual activities. Users can make social, entertainment, creation, display, education, transactions, etc., will have a subtle influence and change of users’ production […]

Digital RMB APP releases 1.0.4 update, consumer red envelope balance can be displayed separately

On January 26th, the digital RMB (pilot version) app recently released a 1.0.4 version update in the iOS / Android platform, increasing the prompts of the consumer red envelope, can demonstrate the red envelope balance independently. In addition to the new consumer red envelope prompt, the 1.0.4 version has the following updates: Login password retrieved, […]

2022 Five Universe Cosmic Encryption Projects worthy of attention

For those who wish to invest Metaverse, the easiest choice is to pay attention to the faucet MetaVerse because they all have billions of dollars, and have a good long-term prospect. This article focuses on the most worthy of the top five universe items in 2022, sorted by market value, from low to high. 5.enjin […]

When is the block chain technology to enter the financial sector?

Today, people around the world have met the assets of assets per day with up to billions of dollars. Although most people remittated in digitally, these transactions still have seriously dependent on paper transactions. In the financial environment, the banker still retains financial taxation. However, if there is a database with a classified quality, you […]

Yuan universe is constantly warming, what key technologies should developers to deeply?

The concept of “Yuancos” broke out in foreign countries last year. Domestic experts also believe that in order to actively promote the development of my country’s related technologies and use landing, helping my country’s industrial transformation and upgrading, many companies have begun to lay out of the Yuanyuan. The Yuancai as a new concept, but […]

What industries have changed in block chain technology?

The financial industry is the first industry that benefits from block chain technology. As we all know, the block chain first makes digital currency transactions, such as Bitcoin, Lertcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Etiquette and other encrypted currency. Today, due to block chain technology, investors can transfer Bitcoin from one country to another in less than […]

Russia will make a decision in 2022 to prohibit encrypted currency and make legalization between encrypted currency transactions

With the arrival of 2022, the world’s largest country will arrive at the crossroads of encryption supervision. On Thursday, there has been an contradictory report on the status of encrypting monetary supervision. First, a report of Reuters pointed out that the Russian central bank is seeking to prohibit encrypted currencies, the reason is the risk […]

The block chain will be to go to the centering subversive force

Decentralization subverts the principle of business model Traditionally, some of the most powerful competitive advantages come from centralization. For example, for companies that focus on and control transaction activities, such as payment networks, markets, social networks, and futures exchange – network effects can bring huge benefits. Centralization can also create competitive advantages with a scale […]

Block chain technology will subvert the digital advertising scene

Online advertising, also known as online marketing, internet advertising, digital advertising or online advertising, is a marketing and advertising form using the Internet to deliver promotional marketing information to consumers. In the past few decades, there have been many changes in the marketing industry. Many technologies come, but experts believe that the block chain may […]

New York Fed: Stable coins are not the future of payment

Researchers in New York Federal Reserve do not seem to get enough articles about stabilizing coins. In a team of the US Central Bank Branch, a few days after the length of the stable currency deposit regulatory framework, a separate research team wrote a paper, explaining why stable coins are not the future payment. In […]