Digital RMB pilot this year: personal wallet is more than 140 million, low carbon, Winter Olympics and other applications

Reporter | Liu Chenguang Since the pilot pilot in Shenzhen in October 2020, the pilot work of digital RMB has been promoted for a year. After 2021, the individual wallet opened by the digital renminbi has exceeded 140 million, and it has been strongly promoted in the pilot area. What new features present in the […]

Block chain technology will affect these four industries in 2022!

Great and small companies have begun to prepare for the subversion of the next evolution and block chain technology for the Internet. There is no doubt that the range of use of block chain technology is expanding at an unimaginable speed. In Amplify’s Blok-Chain Month, Amplify transformation data shared ETF (Blok) Joint Portfolio Manager, Dan […]

What is the use of the block chain domain name?

Traditional domain names must first register at the DNS Registrant, which will be responsible for maintaining your domain IP address. However, due to this restriction, what you can do and when you turn off the site will be restricted. In contrast, the block chain domain name is exempt. Traditional domain payments are not only difficult, […]

Foreign media: Indian encryption regulatory bill or then postponed

The related encrypted monetary bill is expected to bring new regulations to India’s encrypted currency market, from the positive comments around it, and the Active comments of the Indian Ministry of Finance, many people believe that Indians can not only introduce but also through the bill. However, according to the latest news, the encryption bill […]

Digital RMB carbon and pilot expansion: can take some takeaway, buy train tickets

Digital RMB is getting closer and closer to ordinary people, and now you can take a takeaway, buy train tickets. According to reports, on December 15, it is reported that under the guidance of the relevant departments, the digital RMB carbon and pilot scene will once again expand again. Recently, 9 major digital RMB pilot […]

Folk encryption currency may soon disappear from Russia

According to Russian Tasca, the Vladimir Chistyukhin, deputy director of the Russian Central Bank, said that private encrypted currency may soon disappear in the financial market. “I will give you a tip: we think that there is no interdehed the currency in the Russian financial market,” Tasciocusen quoted Chistyukhin. Russia believes that private encrypted currencies […]

The new research shows that the Emperor’s possibility becomes a better inflation hedge tool for Bibibo.

Bitcoin’s return rate over the past few years is much higher than the inflation rate, and the current inflation rate is more than 6%, and it is expected to grow more in the next few months. This consolidates the position of the asset as the best hedging tool of inflation. However, bitcoin find another competitor. […]

What are the uses of block chain technology?

Although the encrypted currency such as Bitcoin and Dogoin is the most famous use of the block chain technology, the block chain technology is not limited thereto. Encrypted currency Use the block chain as a means of recording transactions and maintenance trust, but they are not block chains. Ownership confirmation In theory, any system that […]

What is the interest rate?

The founder of Quantum Fintech Group, said in an interview with Bloomberg on Monday, the interest rate hike is not necessarily contrary to the Bo. YEH believes that Bitcoin can benefit from the depreciation of the US dollar as a tool that can be depreciated as a tool for hedging inflation: “The more in the […]

How to understand the accessibility and inclusion of central bank digital currency?

European Central Bank (ECB) President Christine Lagard said that digital euro will not replace cash, but supplement it. “The European Central Bank explained:” Digital Euro will provide you with additional choices on how to pay and make payments make contributes to accessibility and inclusiveness. Digital Euro is supplemented to cash At all meetings in the […]