Prime Minister India once again suffered a special hacker attack

In the early morning of Sunday, India Modi’s Terendra Modi was briefly hacked, this is a second time with the prime minister’s account by this type of attack.

Although the account is quickly recovered, there is enough time to have enough time in the twitks, and India has used Bitcoin as a legal currency, and the government has purchased 500 bits and distribute it to all Indians.

The deleted fake pilot sent from the PM MODI account.

This essay is quickly deleted, and the other pusher is sent, and the account has been protected.

In view of the government ‘s upcoming currency, some officials call for comprehensive ban, if hacker supports encryption, this may not be the best way to get compassion for their career.

As part of the large-scale hacker attack on a famous person, Moti Prime Minister’s Relief Fund account was taken over, and a false propyle was sent to donate to the account belonging to a hacker.