Regarding the block chain technology, what are my country’s research hotspots?

Since 2008, Satoshinakamoto published a password-based electronic monetary system thesis, the block chain is used as a multi-party maintenance, using cryptographic guarantee transmission and access security. Realize data unanimous storage, difficult to tamper, and reputation technology is widely studied and applied. The block chain created a new type of calculation paradigm and collaborative model of low cost in untrusted competitive environments. With its unique trust establishing mechanism, it is changing the application scenarios and operational rules of many industries to become an indispensable technique for the future development of digital economy and build new trust systems.

In 2013, my country’s block chain research begins in 2013, from the December 2016 State Council, “National Information Plan”, “Thirteen” National Information Plan, proposes the basic research and development of new technologies such as zone chain, and the frontier layout of the block chain begins to rise. For the national strategy, enter the high-speed development period. Domestic government agencies and enterprises and institutions have layout block chain development planning, and attracting the sight of the community and research, causing the attention of wellbetting.

my country’s block chain research is based on “block chain”, showing diversified diffractive research characteristics and application trends, my country’s block chain research hotspot is mainly concentrated in three aspects:

(1) Research on intelligent contracts. This study mainly involves the theme of block chain technology, detritionation, consensus mechanism, Etouchelet, Privacy protection, Internet of Things, etc. Intelligent contracts, decentralization, consensus mechanism, consensus algorithm, etc. are key technologies in the block chain, which has always been research hotspots in the art. The automatic trust mechanism of integrated intelligent contracts and the data management function of the Ether work, build a credit card frame, adding handleable credibility, storage credibility, and accessibility than traditional relational data. The survival certificate is rich in data management, reducing block storage costs, and increases the efficiency of the license. Block chain technology has been applied in a variety of Internet of Things scenes, such as sensors, data storage, timestamp service, identity management, supply chain management, etc., covering agriculture, finance, medical, and transportation and other fields. However, the application zone chain technology in the IoT area still needs to make certain optimization and improvements to the block chain for actual scenes, design new system architecture, intelligent contract, consensus algorithm, encryption algorithm, timestamp technology, data storage structure, etc. With the in-depth of block chain technology, some of the information privacy threats caused by intelligent contracts and intrinsic vulnerabilities are increasingly highlighted, such as anonymous privacy threats, access control privacy threats and chain information privacy threats.

(2) Research on financial science and technology. Financial security is an important part of national security, block chains, big data, artificial intelligence, etc. provide new ideas for financial risk prevention and control, financial crisis warning and financial security maintenance. With large data, artificial intelligence, block chain, cloud computing and other financial sciences, technical risks, information security risks, etc., etc., therefore, financial technology should be included in the finance Supervision. The information communication technology represented by big data, artificial intelligence, block chain, promotes the improvement of comprehensive effectiveness of the national economy, and promotes the development of my country’s digital economy.

(3) Research on digital currency. The point-to-point transaction and detrimentary design concept brought the research boom of encrypted digital currency, which triggered the research and development of central banks on legal digital currencies. Mainly involved in the influence and role of digital currencies, theoretical basic and operational mechanism research, legal regulation research, privateization and legalization, monitoring system and regulatory countermeasures research.

Block chain technology is currently the smallest technology in my country and European and American gaps. The next-generation block chain core technology research includes the optimization of balance, privacy and safety, contract trustidity, performance and scalability and intercepting technology in consensus algorithms. Waiting for five directions, respectively corresponds to distributed calculation theory, cryptographic theory, software trusted theory, heterogeneous system interaction theory, operation and parallel theoretical system. Only from the basic theory began to innovate, develop my country’s independent block chain platform to grasp the words of the world’s block chain technology and standards, walk in the theoretical forefront, accounting for the high point of innovation, and obtain new advantages of the industry, thus obtaining ” Theoretical – Technology – Platform – Standard “Integrated Block Chain Core Technology.

The application scenarios of the block chain have been continuously covered, from financial services, product traceability, government people’s livelihood, electronic surveillance to digital identity and supply chain association, application scenarios are deeply deepened. However, the application of the block chain is still in a relatively primary stage, and various application models are still evolving in development and still need to explore. The depth of block chain technology and 5G, big data, artificial intelligence, industrial Internet, IoT and other economic industries will promote the diversified development of zone chain applications. In recent years, many ministries and local governments have attracted the development of block chain technology and applications, which is likely to present new trends from the government to promote the development of the individual client.