Russian Financial Market Committee requested encryption currency owners to declare digital assets

Anatoly Aksakov, chairman of the Russian Parliament Financial Market Committee, reaffirmed the warning of encrypted currency investors, and insisted that Russians who were holding currency should declare their digital assets. The Member also urged a comprehensive supervision of encrypted monetary excavation and taxation.

Aksakov (AKSAKOV) Warning Russian encrypted currency investors may lose everything

Anatoly Aksakov, playing a key role in the Russian Coal Money Society, recently said that Russians have put 5 trillion rubles (about 67 billion US dollars) into encrypted currency, and some of them People may lose everything because the encrypted currency does not have any support. Akosakov – he is the head of the National Duma (the Parliament Office) Financial Market Committee – added that there are many unqualified investors, so it is likely that the pyramid scam will occur.

In an interview with the Parliament Duma TV channel, the Russian Member repeatedly issued a warning before, emphasizing that the digital currency market did not stability, encrypted currency prices can quickly “go up or down” to move 20-30%. Axakov pointed out:

“Therefore, it is important to standardize the market, first protect our citizens to establish taxes and certain rights to encrypt monetary owners. But they must be identified.”

Previously, the person in charge of the Russian Federal Investigation Committee Alexander Bastrykin also issued a similar appeal. Last week, Bastrijin directly reported to President President, said encrypted currency should not remain anonymous and added that Russia should introduce mandatory identification of all encrypted currency users.

Anatoli-Akosakov firmly believes to report to the state to remember currency to prevent them from funding terrorism, drug trafficking and purchasing weapons. He mentioned the tax problem – even under the current law, Russians also have obligations to encrypt the currency profit tax, but Duma has not passed the special law on encrypted currency tax.

The senior Member also talked about the need to supervise the encrypted monetary mining. Encrypted monetary mining in Russia is increasingly popular – it is not only a profitable business, but also a source of replacement income for ordinary citizens.

Axakov said that if the Russian authorities decided to legalize the mine, it should be registered as an economic activity and taxing it. He also insisted that the energy consumption of mining companies should implement differential tariffs in accordance with Russia’s intersection subsidies. This will result in an increase in the electricity cost of the miner.

Last month, Aksakov’s “Russia – for the truth” Social Democrat leader Sergei Mironov urged the Russian bank to legalize the currency market and accelerate the introduction of digital rubles . In his opinion, regulatory agencies hinder the development of encryption technology and rely on the Western payment system.

Even after the “Digital Financial Assets” law entered into force in January 2021, it is still not regulated in Russia with various aspects (including mining, transactions and taxes) related to encrypted currency. A Working Group established by Duma is currently preparing for supervision proposals to deal with these issues.