Scenes developed in block chains and dining

To break through the block chain to break through the problems or bottlenecks of the current catering industry, then it is to see which aspects of the block chain can cause substantive effects after the role. In fact, the chain of the catering industry is ok, the whole catering industry can be divided into three parts: upstream (such as ingredients), middle-reaches (such as supply chain services), downstream (such as catering services), participating in the main body, communication cost High audit costs, serious food safety hazards, etc., is the current majority of catering industries.

The upstream solves is the quality and safety of ingredients. This is the fundamental requirement of doing a good job in the catering industry. Many caterers are not doing, that is, because there is no good choice in the source ingredients, resulting in the quality of food after processing, causing serious food safety. The block chain can be traced trace the source of the source, and all data will be referenced to the terminal, and the information opaque can be resolved. The middle is the supply chain optimization, block chain can accelerate logistics, optimize the supply system. As for the downstream, consumers and merchants, that is, terminal service providers, can guarantee consumers and improve merchants.

In the future dining industry development, technology will become a big trend of improving the catering environment, and the catering industry under block chain will also provide us with safer food.