Several predictions on the trend of encryption supervision in 2022

If 2021 is a year of talking about encrypted currency supervision, then 2022 probably a year. As in 2021, 2022 may bring a mix of encrypted currency in 2022, and some countries will take very favorable perspectives, while other countries will take a more tough position.

Industry said that the regulatory agency will start to seek regulatory and negative countries in 2022, where stable currency, non-homogeneous coins (NFT) and decentralized financial (DEFI) are special concerns of many people. Although some people in the encrypted currency may fear more regulatory prospects, the introduction of consumer protection measures may ultimately have a positive impact on the industry.

Develop in more favorable treatment

DAPPRADAR CEO SkirmanTasjanu?kas said in an interview with, in 2022, may continue to play different regulatory methods in different parts of the world. For him, this is mainly because encrypted currency is usually driven by bottom-up governance and demand.

According to his statement, “there is a serious inflation, or the inflation is serious, or the opportunity to enter the global market is limited, this self-down demand is often greater. It can be understood that governments are different. The way is to respond, this is the role of politics, or even geopolitics. “

Regarding which countries will truly implement new encrypted currency legislation in 2022, Skirmantasjanu?kas said it will be those aimed at attracting economic activities related economic activities in encryption. However, although some countries may maintain restrictive attitudes on encrypted currencies, observers estimate that the total trend will be more accepted to encrypt currency, even though it involves exerting some kind of safeguard measures.

Janstockhausen, chief legal architect, said: “As far as the block chain technology, I believe that the regulator will soon realize that the technical determinism guaranteed by the intelligent contract on the block chain can protect and prevent fraud. Aspects have achieved compliance with compliance with regulations. Whether this will have happened to be observed in 2022, but the industry is working to promote the opportunity to publicize the block chain technology to the regulatory agency. “

Industry constantly developing complexity

For the specific area of ??the encryption industry, stabilization currency will be concerned around the world. At present, the United States, the EU and the UK are particularly committed to stabilizing currency supervision.

According to Cryptouk’s executive director, Intaylor, in terms of policy development, most judicial management is quite advanced. In 2022, many laws that may be seen about stabilizing coins (except for general encryption assets). In the EU, the Encryption Assets Market Regulations (MICA) will launch treatment similar to the UK. However, Taylor explains that there will be some subtle differences.

In addition to stabilizing currency, DEFI is another field that will be concerned by regulators from all over the world. For the encrypted monetary department of him and the United Kingdom, it is hoped that this regulation focused on DEFI will be limited to ensuring moderate protection of consumers, rather than thorough restrictions.

JanStockhausen said that DEFI may be affected by a large number of regulatory attention in the next few years, especially if it continues its “exponential growth” (partially benefited from inflation) and cause pressure on the government. At the same time, Stockhausen believes that regulators will continue to struggle with these issues over a period of time, mainly because business models and technologies continue to develop rapidly in this area. Therefore, we may see more stable new regulations next year, rather than a violent impact.

No, another area that will be concerned next year is non-homogeneous coins (NFT), which now represents a value of billions of dollars, like DEFI, it becomes too big to ignore.

This is precisely that the encrypted monetary industry is not a neatly covered in several legislation. Given that it often surpasses the limitations of traditional finance and legal concepts, legislators may still need some time to fully develop laws or regulations to provide the industry that has always been expected for several years.

In other words, 2022 may bring some new regulations and laws, but do not count on the supervision of encrypted currencies will be resolved within 12 months.