Tesla reported in the fourth quarter of the Bitcoin remained unchanged

This electric car manufacturer said in the third quarterly income report that Tsla (TSLA) was maintained unchanged compared to the end of the last quarter, $ 1.26 billion in the final quarter.

Tesla did not buy any bitcoin this quarter, nor did any impairment of the value of Bitcoin held, because from the end of the third quarter to the fourth quarter, Bitcoin’s price is basically flat.

In the third quarter, Tesla did not increase or decrease its proportion of Bitcoin, but was required to report $ 51 million impairment to reflect the decline in encrypted currency prices.

According to the accounting rules of digital assets, if the asset price fell in a quarter, the company must report impairment. However, if the price rises, it will not be reported as a result on the balance sheet.

Tesla announced in February to buy a $ 1.5 billion bits. Later, in the first quarter, the company cut its bitcoin position by 10%, which increased the earnings of the quarter by $ 272 million. Tesla did not buy and sell any bits in the second quarter.

FactSet data shows that in general, Tesla adjustment has revenue $ 2.54 per share in the fourth quarter, while analysts expect $ 2.36. The revenue is $ 17.7 billion and is expected to be $ 171 billion.

After the release, Tesla stock price fell about 4%, but then rebounded. The share price rose slightly to $ 939.51.