The development of the block chain enters the expressway, reflecting the new path of economic and social development

Since the birth of bits, there has been highly concerned with people from all walks of life, which is a new generation of information technology, which has a huge innovation space, continuously giving birth to new technologies in the fields of Internet of Things, cloud computing. . At the same time, the outbreak of the new concept of the Yuan Universe, the block chain is a wide concern as its core technology, and its development has entered the expressway and has a profound impact on economic and social development.

I. Development Status

1. Policy environment

From the national level, 2021 as the starting point of the 14th Five-Year Plan, the national development concerns of the block chain technology is increasing. In the 14th Five-Year Plan released in March 2021, the first time the zipper chain industry was first included in the seven digital industries, and the three major key tasks of the technical innovation, application development, and improved supervision mechanism were clearly referred to. The chain is an important breakthrough in the independent innovation of core technology, increasing investment efforts, and focusing on a number of key core technologies, accelerating the development of block chain technology and industrial innovation.

From the local government level, the government’s development of local governments has further increased further increase. According to the China Xinxintan data, during 2016-2021.09, the relevant policy documents of 26 provinces in the country were as high as 117, providing a good policy environment for the future development of the block chain.

Figure 1 2016-2021.09 Number of block chain policy files in my country

2, market situation

From the global level, the global block chain industry is still in the stage of rapid development, and the competitive advantage in my country’s block chain industry is obvious. According to iprdaily released “2020, the first half of the world ‘s block chain invented patent list” data, my country The number of patents in the block chain is the first place in the world, accounting for up to 46%, far higher than the second United States.

Figure 2 2021H1 Global block chain patent area layout

From the domestic market, since the birth of the block chain technology in 2017, a large number of Internet companies have poured into the zone chain industry, reaching the growth of the well, and the development of the industry is constantly growing. According to the data released by IDC, my country’s block chain industry has now grown from $ 561 million in the development scale of $ 561 million in 2017, and has achieved remarkable growth.

Figure 3 2017-2020 my country’s block chain market scale (billion dollars)

Second, the block chain is affecting economic and social development

1. Promote the rapid development of society

There is a peer relationship between the participants of the block chain. Unlike traditional centralized patterns, the system maintenance is directly completed by the participants, and there is no need to participate in trust intermediary participation outside the participant, which can effectively improve transaction efficiency, save trading. cost. Social progress is promoted by division of labor, division of labor, the essence of the block chain is a book that is not easy to be tampered with, forming a transaction consensus, reducing collaborative friction costs and transaction costs. Based on the Internet, the block chain provides trust mechanism guarantees, and promotes division of labor, reducing transaction costs, making large-scale collaboration into mainstream division-based systems, and further promotes social progress.

2. Change the network economy

The platform economy will gradually weaken under the promotion of block chain technology, and the platform model represented by e-commerce platforms, social platforms, etc. is the most competitive business model in the Internet. The advantages of the Internet platform are more prominent, and its main advantage is information convergence, trading match, credit guarantee, after-sales service, etc., but it is limited to technical framework, information validity is not as chain. The block chain is slightly insufficient in terms of information richness, but in the effectiveness of information validity, the information is superior, and the information on the credit mechanism automatically filters the needs of the transaction, and the transaction is achieved with intelligent contract technology, not people Subjective match, higher precision. The block chain construction has built a huge distributed book, trust is completed by consensus algorithms, no longer created by intermediary agencies. Unlike traditional trust mechanisms, the block chain achieves self-trust by consensus mechanism. On the basis of block chain technology, the participation of the transaction can directly carry out economic activities, avoiding the cost of the platform enterprises.

3, share the economic P2P

The shared economy has three major characteristics of platformization, light assets, and idle resources. The block chain economy is a true shared economy. Participants can get the value of the Internet. The block chain is essentially a P2P platform. This is the same as the essence of the shared economy. The interaction between the block chain nodes can be carried out separately, no need for third-party trust warranties, the current shared economy still requires third-party agencies’ trust security It is also a certain deviation with the definition of shared economic definitions, and the intelligent contract of block chain technology has two advantages, that is, automatic implementation contracts and self-confidence. Based on this, intelligent contracts can be applied to shared economies. In transactions such as default compensation, we are expected to become a support technology for sharing the economy further intermediary development. Based on the democratization characteristics of block chain technology, the development of the future share of the economy can abandon third party trust intermediaries, and the transactions can be transaction directly according to the needs, and the intelligent contract is close to the ideal shared economic model.

4, re-build business logic

The block chain re-established business relationships in a technology, and the collaborative mechanism reflects to rely on consensus rather than an instruction. The business activities are organized by some ways to promote self-organizing and distributed business. Mobile Internet age, human emotions, touch, etc. are dataped, centralized network data is centralized organization, and become a corporate asset, individual interests and power to be centralized by unpaid or very low prices. Through the data on the chain, individual rights are protected; individuals can participate in the overall development decision process through authorization and authorized form, and to get the right to benefit from them, and achieve value for sharing. 5, promote the Internet value to rise

Consumer Internet Development has experienced 2.0, search and interaction representative of 1.0, search and interaction, 3.0 three stages of social network, and gradually move towards the industry. No matter which stage, the Internet is transmitted, solving the development of information islands, the development of the e-commerce model of the Internet, enables funds to achieve the rapid circulation of funds under the guarantee of the third-party credit intermediary, but the transaction is also credit The guarantee of the intermediary will bear more costs and reduced transaction efficiency. The distributed book structure of the block chain, valuable information stored on the chain can be directly circulated on the Internet, driving the Internet from the information Internet to the value of the Internet, and realizes the value of the Internet.

Three, conclusion

The development of economic and social development is closely related to the technical characteristics of the block chain, which can reduce economic activity transaction costs in a greater extent due to its dealive, self-trust, and non-tampering, effectively promoting social development. The future, huge market demand will also help the rapid development and application of the block chain technology in various fields, market scale is expected to reach new high.