The first traditional bank in Europe is incorporated into its encryption business

According to the news, BBVA Switzerland branches announced that the ETH is added to the bank’s portfolio as part of it expanded its encrypted currency product. As early as June, BBVA Switzerland provided Bitcoin (BTC) trading and managed services to all private banking customers. BBVA Switzerland is a branch of Bank Bank Bank, Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria, BBVA, in Switzerland.

Hello, Tanfri!

By expanding its original encrypted currency service, BBVA Switzerland has become the first traditional bank that is incorporated into its service in Taiquian.

Alfonso G¨®mez, CEO of BBVA Switzerland, said: “We decided to join the tariffs in our encrypted asset ‘wallet’, because with Bitcoin, they are most interested in investors. The agreement also provides all guarantees that meet the supervision. “

The bank revealed that it plans to continue to expand their encrypted currency portfolio in the coming months, “thus makes its customers more easily in this new digital world.”

Announcement, “Extended to new countries or other types of customers will depend on whether the market meets the right conditions in maturity, demand and supervision.”

Starting from bitcoin

In fact, the Swiss branch of this Spanish bank giant has launched its encrypted currency products as early as June.

G¨®mez explained after launching a Bitcoin transaction and hosting service: “This gradually launched manner enables BBVA Switzerland bank to test the operation of service, strengthen security, most importantly, detecting investors’ huge assets or digital assets Desire, as a way of dispersion portfolio, although they have volatility and high risk. “

BBVA Switzerland private banking customers and customers with New Gen accounts can view BBVA applications to BBVA applications and other traditional investments.

Newgen is the 100% digital investment account of the bank. The initial deposit can access the account for 10,000 USD, which is suitable for residents of EU, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Peru and Chile. In addition, the account provides access to the company and fund directory and has an encrypted currency wallet.