The four major points in the area of the 2022 block chain

There is a core proposition of the “impossible triangle” in the area of ??the block chain, which is the degree of security, performance and detritionation. This proposition is the fundamental of the evolution of the block chain, whether it is Bitcoin or the union chain, or a strong development, essentially, is essentially a hierarchy between the above three elements.

With the determination of the core status between the Emotoun chain developers, performance has gradually become the bottleneck of its development, so in the visible 2022, the improvement of performance and efficiency will be a long-term and critical issue.

Another charm of block chain technology is “Governing”, the contractual relationship of the traditional governance method is established in the premise of mutual trust between people, and after the birth of the block chain technology, “governance” needs The contract spirit is gradually completed by the code consensus. The opinions in the community are rewritten as the language that the computer can understand, and ultimately by the user to use “token” to determine. This new type of “governance” model has also been discussed recently and is a major direction worthy of attention.

Layer 1 / Layer 2

Based on the ecology of the Email, it is necessary to improve performance in the “impossible triangle”, the current path is clear, the first is the Layer1 level, that is, other livelinks to share the data pressure of the Email.

One of the main trends in 2021 is that many of the use of Layer 1, which is currently dominated by Solana, Avalanche, Terra, and Binance Smartchain, with growing ecosystems, with more than 10 billion US dollars.

The second is Layer2, based on the main network of Etheriquat, but transfer the settlement to the second layer network, thereby increasing efficiency. This is also the direction in the Ether work, and Layer2 is often referred to as Rollups because they will transaction “aggregate” or bundled together before sending updated transaction data back to Taiquian, and execute them in a new environment.

The most critical data verification link of the block chain, Layer2 currently has two technical solutions, a named “Optimistic Rollups”, a named “zkrollups”. Both technical routes have a team that is developing the corresponding network and has ecological support, such as the arbitrum of “OptiMistic Rollups”, select “zkrollups” DYDX.

And between Layer1 and Layer2, there is a program name “side chain”, which is partially compatible with the main network of Taiquian, but it is not Layer2, which is specifically used to handle the excess capacity of the Email, not with the entire Ethere. Competition, and host the Etheriquatuse application in a complementary manner.

2021 A side chain called “Polygon” caused people’s attention. At present, Polygon’s side chains are industry leaders, which is worth nearly $ 5 billion, and its ecologically deployed more than 100 DEFI and game applications, including the most mainstream. AAVE and SUSHISWAP, etc.

Cross-chain bridge

From the current user’s most active DEFI, according to DEFILAMA’s data statistics, DEFI’s lock positions on the Emperor have exceeded $ 10 billion, BSC, Solana, Avalanche and other livelings attracted nearly $ 49 billion funds. Become a very active financial scene.

Although many commune data is large, different chains are like data islands, and their assets on different chains cannot be free to exchange. In addition, many emerging public chain development is not as good as Emperor, missing a lot of infrastructure, such as stability coins, NFT games etc.

Therefore, it is necessary to introduce the assets on the other chain into its own livelock, in the currently common cross-chain mode, in addition to the centralized mechanism, such as the transaction wallet, the most common is to go all kinds. Centralized cross-chain asset bridge.

For cross-chain bridges, the most important question is how to reach a consensus. This is a large extent to the security of investors’ hosted assets. Therefore, the cross-chain bridge of the centralization exchange is for users. The most convenient use of a cross-chain bridge, but there is a problem with a single point of failure across chain bridges, and the current cross-chain bridge is gradually developing to the non-hosting direction, and is further guaranteed. User’s asset security.


The DAO is full name is “decentralized autonomousorganization”, “Determination of Autonomous Organization”, which is a management model that tries to get rid of traditional scientific layers, with block chain technology to complete the organizational form of autonomous operation.

Going to the centralized autonomous organization (DAO) can use the block chain-based governance to achieve personal global coordination. DAO can be used in many purposes, including management block chain project operations and capital (MakerDao), management investment capital (The Lao), managing the use of game assets, coordinating cultural groups (Friends with benefits) or coordination CONSTITION DAO. The number of DAOs included in the Deepdao website has reached 187, and the total assets of more than $ 12 billion are managed, covering more than 1.6 million members. Although in the area of ??the block chain, this is not a huge data. But the agencies, including the saicom capital, began to pay attention to this new name.

Encryption VC transformation

Encrypted currency markets were officially broken through 2 trillion US dollars in 2021, and currently arrived at $ 2.5 trillion, up 175% from the beginning of the year. With the explosive growth of the market value, the financing in the field of encryption is also rapid. According to statistics, the first-level market financing of the 20021 encryption industry is 1529, with a total amount of approximately $ 32.6 billion, an exaggerated 814.2% of the same year.

However, equity financing in the field of encryption is different from other fields, and the most important fund exit channels of traditional VC under the “VIE” architecture are IPOs in the secondary market. However, the block chain has comes with new financing methods ICO (domestic prohibition). The key to the centralized financing method is that users can participate in the growth of the community earlier, and only landing in traditional venting mode. After the secondary market, ordinary investors have the opportunity to share the growth of the company.

In the field of encryption, the concept of “company” is weakened. Due to the existence of “Web3” and “DAO”, community and organizations are more mentioned, and users have a kind of untrustworthiness of the centralized platform. .

In the past two weeks encrypted community named “OpenDao”, it is an item of imitation head NFT trading platform “OpenSea”, and the project can be derived from encrypted players for “Opensea”. “OpenSea” “The recent outgoing message is carrying out a new round of financing, and IPO is prepared. However, NFT enthusiasts do not want “Opensea” to become the same monopoly platform like the current Internet giants, so “OpenDao” has played the concept of detrimenting and gives all “Opensea” users.

And at the end of 2021, the encryption community has argued that “Web3” has aroused, including Tesla Chairman, Elon Mask and Twitter executive Jack Doctors, pointing contradictions to the ventilator in encrypted finance. I believe that VC sees too much benefits.

In 2021, an investment institution in the form of “DAO” has also included investors in the community in the community, and the projects they have incubated even more traditions. The results of VC.