The new research shows that the Emperor’s possibility becomes a better inflation hedge tool for Bibibo.

Bitcoin’s return rate over the past few years is much higher than the inflation rate, and the current inflation rate is more than 6%, and it is expected to grow more in the next few months. This consolidates the position of the asset as the best hedging tool of inflation.

However, bitcoin find another competitor. Calculated according to market value, Email the second large-encrypted currency, which is better than Bitcoin year-on-year. A new study shows that Bitcoin may be replaced by Ether as well as a better inflation hedge tool.

A new study conducted by the University of Sydney University and Maiju Rui University, the Ether Fang may have the potential to replace Bitcoin into the main inflation hedging tool. The researchers explained that with the increasing mainstream of the encrypted currency, investors now think of digital assets as a better hedge tool than gold.

As the Fed entered the frenzy frenzy, the inflation rate has recently been vigilant in investors. Some people call for stopping the banknote, but so far, it is still going on, causing the inflation rate soaring. This is not only the issue of the United States, and the inflation rate in other countries in the world is similar to even higher. This promotes the adoption of encrypted currencies because individuals and institutions swarmed to take advantage of their return.

Australian researchers have proposed that the recent innovation in Taiqui shows that it may be more popular than Bitecoin. The study pointed out that ETH 2.0 upgrade plan for some time in 2022.

In the past year, continuously rising inflation rates have greatly promoted the adoption of encrypted currency, which is no secret.

For a long time, gold has always been the preferred method of investors’ inflation, but in view of the low return rate in the past few years, it has fallen.