Three encrypted currencies that may beat the Bitcoin in 2022

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Based on Arcane Research’s data, last year Bitcoin brought 73% of the considerable return of investors; in the past 10 years, its annual return rate exceeded 220%. These results have won the title of “Ten Years Best Assets” in Bitcoin. However, in 2022, three projects were expected to be better than Bitcoin.

Years of year, encrypted currency bits brought considerable return to asset holders. The latest Arcane Research shows that Bitcoin performs very well in 2021 as a verified inflation hedging tool, producing 73% return. The year before this, the annual return rate of Bitcoin exceeds 220%, and became the asset of the decade.

However, when writing this article, the price of Bitcoin is $ 38,637 per coin – this is a low point of five months, which is about 44% lower than the historical high point of less than $ 69,000. Although I am still a faithful fan of Bitcoin and hold itself, there are other projects that may be better in 2022.

Ether work is still the pillar of NFT and DEFI

Tanfront (ETH) is the second largest basis calculated according to the market value. Because of its very expensive trading cost (possibly more than $ 100) and leading to network congestion, delay settlement time or due to timeout, the critics have fully attacked them. However, this project has a lot of things to do.

In the past two weeks, as developers continue to upgrade the network according to their Eth2.0 development plan, the transaction cost of Taiquian fell by 35%. The program increases the amount of trading per second to more than 100,000, which will further reduce transaction cost and settlement delay.

Since the last year last year, with the introduction of EIP 1559, the project has been removed from the circulation, which has been removed from the circulation, which is equivalent to $ 4.5 billion. This automatic reduction of this supply is called “combustion”, which increases the value of coins that is still circulating, and also makes it generally a more concessive asset. These two are good measures!

Tanfri is still the main network that goes centralized financial (DEFI) and instead of replacement coins (NFT) exchange and transaction. DEFI currently has $ 100 billion in lock assets on the Eth block chain, and more funds flood into this system. The ETH project is in a favorable location and will continue to benefit from these trends in 2022. Its current transaction price is $ 2,793, 43% lower than the historical high, this year, its price may double or three times. Last year, its return is 450%, so it is of course possible to take into account its use case and positive prospects.

Caldano is taking the right initiative

Caldano (ADA) is an intelligent contract project created by Joint founder Charleskoshoshoshoshoshos in front of Tanfang. His plan from the beginning is to use the best element of ETH and improve it. The ADA has just entered the third development phase of its name “BASHO”, which will significantly improve its network scalability and the availability of block chains across competition zones.

Once these latest upgrades are completed, the assets seamless transfer of cross-competition encryption networks and the handling of one million transactions per second will become the huge competitive advantage of the ADA. In addition, Caldano has one of the best consensus models for approved encryption transactions.

Cardano’s equity certificate has passed the most stringent testing of any platform, has produced more than 60 peer review, which verifies its efficiency, reliability, speed, redundancy, environmental sustainability. No other project can make such a request. Developers have built applications on the ADA network to benefit from a series of industries in agriculture, retail and education – only.

Radicle is expected to become the “Github” of the encrypted currency

In 2018, Microsoft acquired GitHub-leading computer developers based on cloud-based platforms with $ 7.5 billion. GitHub has always been a key technique that makes Microsoft occupies the first place in the “code on the cloud” field, which makes the programming faster, cheaper, and more efficient. However, a freshly known encryption project called Radicle (RAD) supports the same type of remote programming collaboration, but on the block chain.

The programmer uses Github to remotely build, publish, store, and edit their code, and some people compare them with the software developers’ Google DOCs. RAD provides the same product, but it is completely dispersed on a distributed network of shared block chains – Different from Github, GitHub is controlled by a centralized Microsoft server that is affected by data loss, hacker attacks, and other single network issues. Rad is github to better iterate, the price is just one of the short.