Ukraine uses encrypted currency to support military action!

The Russian conflict is still continuing, Ukraine in the “disadvantage” status has got a lot of assistance, and Ukraine Deputy Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov, said that Ukraine will announce NFT programs to support its armed forces, which is Ukraine to invade the country in Russia. Using encrypted assets to raise the latest initiatives of funds.

Instead of replacement coins (NFT) is an incomprehensible data unit stored on the block chain, which is a digital book form that can be sold and traded. The type of NFT data unit may be associated with digital files such as photos, video, and audio, because each genetary is uniquely identifiable. Welcome in 2021, creating $ 25 billion sales.

Fedorov is also Ukraine’s digital transformation minister, he took the lead in driving the funds of Kyiv to raise encrypted assets. Previously, there were rumors that the Ukrainian official encrypted currency donation wallet held nearly 7 billion Peaceful World, which seems to be used in the country’s first encrypting currency airdrop. But Mykhailo Fedorov said the decision to cancel the airdrop program.

“We will soon announce NFT to support Ukrainian armed forces! After careful consideration, we decide to cancel airdrops. Every day, more people are willing to help Ukraine counterattack aggression. On the contrary, we will announce NFT to support Ukrainian armed forces. “Mykhailo Fedorov said in a pusher, but there is no further details for the project. It is understood that the Ukrainian flag NFT is sold at 2258 ETH (about $ 6.75 million), and the proceeds will donate to the organization of Ukrainian civilians and military donation materials.

Ukraine calls for donation of Bitcoin and other digital to support the country last week. According to the block chain researcher Elliptic, Ukraine has raised the encrypted currency worth nearly 43 million donations through at least 67,000 donations. In addition, Fedorov has requested the main encryption currency exchange last week to block the digital wallet address of the Russian user. However, several major platforms refuse to implement any such comprehensive ban.

As Ukraine is increasingly relying on encrypted currency contributions, its network police force also decided to seek help to the domestic and foreign encryption currency communities. The unit now accepts a variety of encrypted currencies to support law enforcement agencies and the necessary materials. The law enforcement agency announced several encrypted currency addresses, which is currently accepting donations for BTC, Eth, USDT, TRX, Matic and BNB.

The agency said it initiated this initiative to be related to the introduction of Ukraine. According to the publishing announcement, the collected encrypted currency will be used to support national police, national guards, national border guards and national emergency services. These digital currencies will also be used to purchase drugs, other necessities, and medical services to victims of hostile action with Russia.