US National Taxation Bureau issued an encrypted monetary investor tax guide


1. The US Taxation Bureau issued a guide on how to use 1040 tables.

2. Purchase encrypted currency with real currency and holds an exemption.

3. In recent months, encrypted currency tax is attacked due to its lack of clearness.

The US State Taxation (IRS) released guidelines for helping people submit an encrypted currency tax return. Previously, the wording of the tax reporting problem was not clear enough, and some confusion was brought to the taxpan.

The first problem on the table 1040 table

“In 2021 years, whether you have received, sell, exchange, or otherwise deplete virtual currency in other ways?” This is the first question that needs to be answered on the 1040 table when submitting the tax payment form. CNBC’s Robert Frank explained the standard for answering this question.

Robert Frank pointed out that if the answer to the question is certain, then individuals will be required to fill in a separate form and pay taxes. However, this analyst pointed out that people who have just purchased and holding encrypted currencies may feel obligated to make a sure answer. He said that encrypted currency purchased with real money is not part of the received category. Frank revealed: “If you just use real currency instead of e-dollar purchase encrypted currency, you don’t sell, then you can actually answer.”

Frank then revealed the standard of affirmation. He pointed out that those who have purchased encrypted currency in 2021, purchasing encrypted currencies, using encrypted currency to purchase NFTs, and those who have obtained encrypted currency from encrypted monetary mining and mortgage must give affirmative answers. According to analysis, all of these activities should pay taxes to the National Taxation Bureau.

According to the US Taxation Bureau, the encrypted currency they hold is similar to tax fraud. He said: “All of these are taxable incidents in the eyes of the State Taxation, even if you don’t owe any taxes, you must report that your holdings may be considered tax fraud.” Next year, the exchange will be required Submit all users in its market, which will make people have difficulty tax evasion from encrypted monetary assets. It is worth noting that this initiative is made after the taxpayer discovered difficulties.

Infrastructure bill and encrypted currency tax

If the tax is very difficult, then this may become more difficult for more than 2 million Americans with encrypted currency. In addition to 1040 tables, the two party infrastructure activities effective in 2024 even require more tax return.

This disputed legal expands the 6050I section of the Tax Law and requires people to report a digital asset worth more than 10,000 US dollars to the National Taxation Bureau. Users will be requested to report the name and SSN of the sender. Many people have worry about the violation of privacy and the use of these data.

Due to the disputes of the law, many attempts have been made to try to improve their provisions. Some people worry that the fuzziness defined by tax requests and brokers may kill the innovation of American block chain technology.