US State Taxation Bureau training on the company on encrypted currency fraud

A specialist of the US Taxation Bureau (IRS) said that there is a “stacked such as mountain” fraud cases in the field of encrypted currency. He emphasized that the Criminal Investigation Department of the US Tax Administration is trying to encrypt the currency and NFT training for all agents, because “this area is a future trend”.

The US Tax Secretary Specializer means that the encrypted currency field is full of fraud.

Responsible for the Agent Ryan Korner of the US Tax Administration of the US Tax Administration, Ryan Korner talked about the encrypted currency in the virtual activities hosted by the University of California University.

He explained that NFT and encrypted currencies are often easily subjected to market manipulation, and added that a well-known person can only affect encrypted currency prices.

This agent said that celebrities are unable to survey on the Criminal Survey of the Taxation Bureau.

Korner details a series of activities related to encrypted currency concerned in law enforcement agencies, such as people paying millions of dollars such as NFT, and these assets do not seem to have intrinsic value. He pointed out that criminals can use this to laundering money.

US Taxation Bureau seized $ 3.5 billion in encrypted currencies in 2021, accounting for 93% of all funds seized in the same period during the same period. The tax institution is expected to seize billions of dollars in encrypted currency this year.

This agent said that the Criminal Investigation Department of the US Taxation Bureau is trying to train all its agents on encrypted currencies and NFT issues, because “this area symbolizes the future”. In addition, the agency also wants to strengthen cooperation with other federal agencies and share information.