Virtual asset investment opens the opportunity for Hong Kong residents

Hong Kong billionaire, real estate tycoon Zheng Zhigang, Zheng Jiashun’s son, announced through the sandbox to add virtual real estate to his portfolio, which opened up the road in this new world for large investors and the public.

Zheng Zhigang, the President and Executive Vice Chairman of the New World Development, said:

“I am very happy to enter MetaVerse through The Sandbox. Provide a platform for the next generation, let them create, innovate and feel a part of the promotion of the way to the future; the digital world is constantly developing, we need to explore And the development of the Yuan universe, standing at the forefront of these changes. “

Sandbox is the leading detrimentary game virtual world, and the subsidiary of AnimoCA Brands, and users can purchase virtual real estate named LAND NFTS (instead) in the open metacular universe.

The Yuanjie has recently become a hot topic. It refers to a shared virtual world, and users can socialize, play games, as an avatar life and try the latest fashion on the sofa. Users purchase these virtual items using encrypted currency supported by NFT or other digital assets.

In the sandbox, investors can also buy real estate and develop their assets, just like users in the real world. Users can purchase their games and items. Sandbox also cooperates with major IPs and brands to promote the growth of virtual real estate demand.

Through a statement of Zheng Housing, Adrian’s land will become one of the largest plots in the sandbox. His plot will also become part of the “Super City” virtual world, which will include Adrian’s innovation center, where he personal support from China’s Guangdong Daxu District (GBA) will have sales space. Their products passed through the GBA.

Innovation Center of Adrian Innovation Center, initial innovations include Aesir, Casetify, Lalamove, DaydayCook, Prenetics, Raspect, Ricerobotics, Rooftop Republic, undone, and V Cycle.

The statement also said that the GBA will incentive and encourage entrepreneurs, and specializes will provide entertainment, exclusive NFT and immersive experience.

Joint Founder and Executive President of AnimoCA Brands: “Adrian is one of the most influential commercial, real estate, art and cultural leaders in Hong Kong and the region. We are very glad that he can join the sandbox. The unique perspective and helps add and shape new change experiences for open metachasia. “

Another way to invest in real estate

Expensive housing prices have become a challenge for local residents in Hong Kong in other major countries and regions around the world. Although the price fell 0.4% to 396.3 in September, in accordance with an index of the rating and valuation sector, the investment real estate is still a high price. It is a task that has property is described as an impossible completion. In this case, virtual assets have supported many people to explore.

In this new chance, Hong Kong residents can create an immersive 3D world and gaming experience on the Sandbo Metaverse’s detritionation and intuitive platform, and safely store, transaction, and monetize their creations.

According to local media “South China Morning Post”, there are currently about one-third of Hong Kong residents invest or use encrypted currencies as trading media, in the developed market for credit card company VISA, this new asset class is ranked second. Post reported.