What are the advantages of block chain + e-commerce?

The online shopping is convenient, complete, saving time and effort. It has become a lifestyle that people can’t change, bringing a lot of convenience, but there are also some problems that plague consumers.

Counterfeit goods, quality problems cannot be supervised

Counterfeit goods are a line of online and offline economic phenomena. However, after communication through the Internet platform, online fake goods are questioned, and sometimes the Internet is even called “fake distribution”.

For eMuo, eager to operate, the Internet is both a prosperous place and a place of sadness. Many e-commerce companies are deeply affected.

In response to this phenomenon, we use the block chain technology to disperse the traceability certification mall. All products in the mall will display the retrospective information of the product in the product details page, from raw materials, raw materials batch to production and processing process.

The retrospective information of dealers and distributors, including logistics, will fully display on the product details page, consumers can see all information about this product like normally browsed the product details. Consumers can supervise the goods from the root cause, prevent fakes, and verify the authenticity of the goods.

credit crisis

Selling fake, the consumer trust problem behind. Once the trust declines, it will not affect one or two online stores, but the entire e-commerce industry faces a living crisis. Not only that, in recent years, many consumers’ inferior commodity returns, overlord clauses, and fall after rising and falling. There are also many businesses to brush their own products, brush the sales, brush praise, shocked glass, confuse consumers.

The surface of the e-commerce billing is the problem of not perfect law, regulations, but fundamentally is an unscientific issue of e-commerce platform operation rules, especially e-commerce or commodity display, sorting rules. With a unique algorithm, focus on product quality and service quality, while integrating sales and reputation.

At the same time, we use the intelligent testing mechanism to punish the merchants of the brush order. The merchant has no need to spend a lot of money, avoiding the unfair competition of the bill, and maximizing the overall interests of the community.

Operation cost is still very high

The cost of opening a shop on the traditional e-commerce platform is getting higher and higher. In addition to the cost of goods, drainage, new production, shooting, platform deduction, business can’t stand it.

Thanks to the dispersion mode, block chains, and intelligent contracts, quality and security chain and intelligent contracts are used, using encrypted currency as payment solutions, taking into account safety, low cost and fast payment processing speed.

The combination of block chains and e-commerce has the following advantages:

Improve operational efficiency: Use the technical advantages of the block chain, simplify operations, and improve efficiency. Intelligent contracts are used to regulate intermediaries such as logistics and payment partners, also used to monitor sellers and consumers. Intelligent contract retains transactions and evaluation records between all sellers and buyers in the Quality Safety Chain, ensuring that all comments come from customers who actually purchase the product. Transaction records and assessments must not be tampered with. Trust and Transparency: Another important advantage of block chains and e-commerce is that it can improve transparency, thus promoting trust. Each transaction is recorded in a shared account, and anyone cannot modify it. It provides high security, enhances visibility, and makes each transaction trusted, reliable and transparent with faster processing speed. Reliable data security: Whether it is a centralized storage or cloud storage, data storage is always an easily attacked place, easy to fall into weak encryption. Even the best encryption system will be black.

Block chain technology is used to provide a dispersed ecosystem to ensure data security on the chain.

Combined with the block chain technology, break the traditional e-commerce interest distribution system, break the traditional e-commerce counterfeit model, build a new “to the center” credible mall and block chain community through personal, merchants, platform.