What is the biggest challenge facing the CET industry in 2022?

Bankman-Fried believes that there should be a unified regulatory system for encrypted currency companies to avoid regulatory vulnerabilities. He specifically said: “All of this is just a better encryption. By then, consumers and institutions are comfortable to deal with the digital asset ecosystem, realize the clarity of customer protection and supervision.”

On the other hand, the encrypted currency tycoon also talked about the expansion problem, and considered that the existing block chain was not enough to enable encrypted currencies to reach large-scale acceptance. He added that there is no chain to reach the extensibility level.

He said: “When a block chain claims that they are already very fast, I always laugh on such an answer. The reason is that I have no one for the current pressure of the root! Fast means that millions of TPS, But no one has reached this level now. “

In order to speed up large-scale adoption, Bankman-Fried recommends utilizing game communities, which can help attract billions of users. But in fact, most people have a strong inductive emotion of the encrypted currency and non-homogenization. Just recently, the Game Chat Tool Discord abandoned the integration of the Tanfang plan.

In addition, when receiving the “Businessinsider” interview, Bankman-Fried talked about his future of FTX, saying that he is most worried about seeing it becomes “slow and functional disorder”.

As we all know, Bankman-Fried is one of the most rich people in the field of currency, and is currently $ 22.5 billion in net assets. As a passionate supporter that is effective, this encrypted currency billionaire believes that encrypted currency is a good force. He said: “This industry is likely to improve the lives of many people.”