What is the geometry of the rate hike to the encryption ring?

On February 4, the European Central Bank President Lagard no longer excluded the possibility of this year, and left closer to the policies of the Global Central Bank. Officials are privately expected to adjust the policy guidance next month.

Just a few minutes ago, the British central bank has raised the benchmark interest rate of 25 basis points to 0.5%, which is not enough for two months. The total economic volume of the United Kingdom and the Eurozone is a global economic policy, or will have a profound impact on other countries in the world.

The arrow has to be issued on the string? Global big inflation or close to the critical point

In fact, the inflation speed in major countries in the world has come to the extent that must be brakes: the Eurozone’s consumer price index (CPI) rose 5.1% in January, exceeding economists expect, set up for at least 20 years, it is Europe The central bank is more than twice as the central bank; the UK November, December CPI found 10 years of new height and reaching a 5.4% historical high, the fastest growth in 30 years; the United States has been refreshed with 7% of inflation rate for 39 years Record.

With the central banks, the biennial bond yields have risen sharply this year, the data source is bloomerg.

As early as December 15, 2021, the Fed announced that the monthly purchase scale of US Treasury bonds and mortgage support securities (MBS) was reduced (originally reduced $ 15 billion per month), and the amplitude was previous Twelfth, according to this, the asset purchase plan is expected to be at the beginning of next year, not the end of the year to control the speed of inflation. Therefore, in the US financial sector, it is expected that the Fed will raise interest rates three times in 2022, accounting for most.

The interest rate hike may alleviate inflation, but it will also bring difficult to bear the pain.

The global interest rate hike expectation has triggered the panic emotions of the market, and the US stocks have dramatically fall. The data shows that the S & P 500 index is from 1 to January 27th, the 14th day has fallen by 11%. Goldman Sachs is the first time to do notice the Federal Reserve: If the tightening policy causes the economy “hard land”, the United States or will face a recession.

Standard & Poor 500 index plunged 11% in 14 days

Because of the impact of tricking interest rates, tried to suppress the central bank of the Canadian in high price due to inflation, accidentally announced that the benchmark interest rate was not improved. It is important that the Canadian Bank Regulators have warned that the random interest rate may cause a room rate to plummete more than 20%.

In this regard, the Interpretation of the Bank of Canada is: “The new wave of epidemic has brought uncertainty to the economy, but we can read it from the middle, and the power between the incidents is not in the heart.

In contrast, the world’s largest asset management company Beled is more radical, directly asserting the global interest rate hike and thunder rain: “We believe that although the central banks of all countries are tough, they will ultimately admit that Bringing inflation, it will bring too high for economic growth. This is why we think that the final policy response will be gentle. “

Encrypting the market is unique, the raising resistance is more helpful

Confused encrypted asset markets, there was a first drop before and after this year’s Spring Festival. Bitcoin has risen for 5 days after the price has touched $ 45,000, returned to $ 3,200 in Taiquian.

Ouyi Quotes: Bitcoin fell below 330,000 US dollars, close to 45,000 US dollars

Of course, traditional financial markets are frequently shaking, encrypting the market landscape, and also causing the attention of regulatory agencies. On February 8, US Sec to computes feedback to the public for compassion and fraud on Biitcoin ETF and Bitcoin itself. From the perspective of historical law, the rapid development of new things, more or less to bring threats to traditional forces, and must face the obstruction of the latter.

However, from the perspective of development, encrypted assets are still difficult to estimate compared to traditional finance imagination, which may also explain that the value potential of Bitcoin is far from reaching the critical point, and the long cow will be undoubted. Of course, the global lead rate hike policy will also have an impact on the encryption world. However, from the real economic environment, the policy resolutely turned to still have a large resistance, which in turn also constitutes a certain advantage of encryption, and then supports the longenes expected by the market.

The tide of the tide, the convergence of the airport will become a rare opportunity

Changniu is expected to superimpose the bottom market and enhance the industry’s suction gold effect. According to the media disclosure, more than 800 million US dollars in the past week flood into the field of encryption assets. This also means that the new round of bottoming trends may already look up, more funds and investors will enter the world. The weekly of the GlassNode chain showed that the number of non-zero purse reached a historic high and did not affected by the previous decline.

Glassnode data: Bitcoin non-zero purse quantity is new

The currency loose cycle under this round of the Federal Reserve, sooner or later, it will usher in the end, when the flow of the capital market and the wind direction will have a major change, and a new round of shuffling will come one after another. For investors, standing in the new starting point to choose new tracks, then caution, decisive decisions, or a good way to change the overtaking.