What is the interest rate?

The founder of Quantum Fintech Group, said in an interview with Bloomberg on Monday, the interest rate hike is not necessarily contrary to the Bo.

YEH believes that Bitcoin can benefit from the depreciation of the US dollar as a tool that can be depreciated as a tool for hedging inflation:

“The more in the print, the higher the value of Bitcoin, and all encrypted currencies have increased, but I don’t think that Bitcoin is appreciated, but the value of the dollar is reduced.”

According to reports, after the Fed announced, Bitcoin took the level of $ 49,000. However, it is expected that there will be three interest rate hikes in 2023. The Fed also accelerated reduction speed by reducing bond purchase. Some market analysts believe that this is not a good sign on encrypted currency and other risk assets – the price of these assets will rise due to more currency printed.

Bitcoin’s current transaction price is $ 51,505, and it is trying to stage a convincing breakthrough.

When the continuous correction between Bitcoin and other risk assets, he pointed out that the flagship encrypted currency did tend to synchronize mobile – this fact is often used by encrypted monetary critics as an attack means.

Bitcoin has been in synchronous transactions with technology stocks. Hedge Fund Manager BrianKelly recently forecast, starting from 2022, Bitcoin and Nasdaq index will begin.

However, he also said that the encrypted currency is “absolutely important” as part of the individual portfolio. He also pointed out that investors can easily purchase a small part of the encrypted currency, but buying stocks usually require a considerable funding (except if the RobinhiOd platform).

He believes that payment and remittance are the most typical use case. YEH pointed out that differenting of traditional financial institutions, encrypted currency can be traded 24/7.