What is the wave of the next large block chain?

Professor Salil Kanhere, School of Computational Science and Engineering, University of New South Wales, said that although the underlying technology of the block chain has existed for some time, it is only take off in recent years.

There is no doubt that the block chain is more perfect and trustworthy, even by IBM and other technological giants, they use them for supply chain and traceability purposes. Block chains, especially the popularity of NFT is rising, then what is the next step in the world?

Professor Kanhere predicts that the next prosperity will be a virtual real estate in the Yuancosian. Since Facebook is renamed Meta Platforms, MetaVERSE is a network consisting of 3D world, and users can socialize, collaborate, and interact, and can be accessed by virtual reality. But why do people want to buy virtual land with real money?

“It is possible to buy and sell virtual land through the block chain, because you can labeled anything in the metacular universe and sell in the NFT market, just like the property in the real world, virtual property is about three things: Location, location, location. The area of ??people gathered in the virtual world will have more value for advertisers and retailers, which can be exposed to the virtual crowd. “Professor Kanhere.

Like property, Professor Kanhere believes that NFT incarnation will also surf. NFT avatar is critical to the establishment of community awareness in the metacularity of collectors and individuality. NFT avatar is usually an image of a role that serves as a digital avatar in the element. Most NFT avatars are unique and generated from a series of characteristics, such as clothing, accessories or hairstyles through algorithms. As an NFT avatar is increasingly popular in terms of people because it creates a role in a virtual community.

Professor Kanhere said that some NFT avatars allow their holders to access special virtual venues. These spaces or communities are often attractive because they provide users with the sense of belonging and community – and they are willing to pay high prices. “For example, you create a avatar to visit a special music community in the metamorns and work with other musicians from around the world. So in some cases, the real people will spend thousands of dollars to buy virtual property. And virtual image. “Kanhere said.

In addition, Professor Kanhere predicts that the block chain is more environmentally friendly. Kanhere said: “The block chain uses a lot of energy because it runs on the dispersed network to ensure the fidelity and security of the data. All information is stored in a local centralized network, decentralized networks depend on the network All nodes are aggregated on the source of the truth – this requires complex algorithms that use many energy. “

Although incentive measures may not be as attractive to make money through Bitcoin transactions, you need to do more work to “green” block chains to meet global climate change targets.

“The encrypted currency such as Taiqui has been trying to change their algorithms, thereby reducing energy consumption. This is a big step towards the right direction, but if we want to take care of its carbon footprint, we will need to take more Action. Professor Kanhere said.