What must I develop in the development of Yuancos?

The Yuanhe Universe is a platform with trusted asset value and identity authentication to carry virtual activity, and realizes replication of real world underlying logic. Its essence is a platform to carry all virtual activities. Users can make social, entertainment, creation, display, education, transactions, etc., will have a subtle influence and change of users’ production and lifestyle. The Yuan Universe is a 3D online digital world concept, which contains virtual land and items. It is the most basic.

At present, this concept is still growing. The current mainstream project is a video game and social platform, but it is a matter of late and morning. Remote office, decentralization governance, and digital identity is only part of the potential function supported by Yuanhe. Yuan Coso can also connect to hardware devices or glasses to become multi-dimensional space, we can also verify more possible.

The Yuan Universe started from last year, driving a hot spot for a long time. Since October last year, Facebook is renamed Meta. At that time, it was completely detonated the Yuan Cosmic sector. Scientific and technological giants believe that the future of the metocular content, software, enhances reality and wear equipment will be easily easy to play with the use of smartphones.

But the Yuan Universe can not only rely on concept, in order to make Yuancai experience more real and smooth, many technology companies create this virtual world with the most advanced technology, including: block chains, enhance reality, virtual reality, 3D reconstruction, Artificial intelligence and IoT and other technologies. These are also a must-have technology for the development of the Yuancai, in other words, the Yuancosian must enter thousands of households, but also rely on the development of these underlying technology.

OEC OEC as a new community, focusing on Gamefi, Yuan Universe and NFT.

Block chain and encrypted currency

Block chain technology provides transparent and disclosed detrimentary solutions for all rights digital certificates, digital collections, value transfer, governance, operability, and interoperability. The user can use the encrypted currency transfer value when office or social in the 3D Digital World.

For example, in Decentraland, encrypted currency can be used to purchase virtual land. Players use game encrypted currency Mana to purchase 16×16 m-size non-homogeneous coins (NFT) plots. Boarding the block chain technology, all the rights of these virtual land are established and have security.

Encrypted currency is expected to become incentives in the future, let people work in the Yuancosian. When more and more companies turn the office environment to the line, the remote work may also emerge, and some jobs related to the Yuanhe Universe may also emerge.

With the booming of the block chain industry and the continuous advancement of technology, a large number of high-performance public chains, including OEC, Solana, have provided more choices, and a better development environment. We use OEC as an example: OEC is an officially open high-performance trading chain in August 21, aiming to create a centralized, non-boundary value exchange ecosystem based on block chain technology, and open a new era of Yuancai.

2. Enhance Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

Whether it is Ar or VR, we can get our immersive 3D interaction experience. This is the starting point for us to virtual world. But AR and VR are still some of them.

Enhance reality uses digital visual elements and roles to transform the real world, more common than virtual reality, almost all on smartphones or digital devices with cameras. By enhance reality applications, users can view the surrounding environment with interactive digital visual effects.

The way to enhance reality and virtual reality is the early prototype of Yuancos. Virtual reality has created a digital world that blends virtual visual content. As technology is more mature, virtual reality can be an entity simulation through VR equipment, thereby improving the use of the universe. Users will be able to interact with people from around the world and feel and listen to each other. Considering that the Yuan cosmic heat is not reduced, we can foresee that in the near future, there will be more and more Yuanci Company investment to develop Ar and VR devices.

3. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

In recent years, artificial intelligence (AI) has been widely used in our lives, involving business strategy planning, decision making, facial recognition, and rapid calculation. Recently, experts have begun to explore the possibility of using artificial intelligence to create an immersive metachamia.

Artificial intelligence handles massive data at a lightning speed. Combined with machine learning technology, artificial intelligence algorithm to learn past iteration, refer to historical data, and finally output unique insights.

In the metacular, artificial intelligence can be applied to the non-player role (NPC) of different scenes. Non-player roles belong to a part of the game environment, almost all of the games have their main functions interact with players. With artificial intelligence processing, non-player characters can be dialogue with users within 3D spaces or perform specific tasks.

Another potential application of artificial intelligence is to create a virtualization of the Yuan universe. The artificial intelligence engine generates a virtualization of virtualization and accuracy by analyzing 2D images or 3D scans. Artificial intelligence can also create rich facial expressions, hairstyles, apparel and characteristics, making the created digital characters are vivid, and the dynamic effect is better.