Where is the value of the Taiquian?

The value of encrypted currency may be difficult to understand, which leads to some traditional investors to be cautious about the field. Emperor is often compared to the pillar of digital oil and next-generation Internet, so it is not difficult to understand why it is a valuable encrypted currency.

As we discussed in the previous article “From the value of Bitcoin”, the bitcoin can be prolonged as digital gold. As the first block chain in history, there are some problems in Bitcoin until the later encrypted currency has been resolved.

The main problem with Bitcoin is: it can only be used for payment. The simplicity of Bitcoin helps it really be a digital value storage, but it is not possible to achieve more value. Just like using the physical gold payment, sometimes it may be slow, the cost is also high, depending on how many people try to send transactions. Bitcoin can only handle 7-9 transactions per second, considering that it is a currency’s future, this is not enough.

In order to add more functions to the block chain, the Emperor is delivered. The main unique function of the Email is the ability to create an intelligent contract.

Today, all contracts are written in law. However, in the increasingly global world, the laws between different regions are different, and the executability of contracts has been questioned numerous times.

In addition, each time the contract is performed, there will be an intermediary charge. Unlike regular contracts, intelligent contract is purely defined in code and logic.

These intelligent contracts can create nearly infinite possibilities. Almost any contract today can be rewritten as intelligent contracts and make it more efficient. Loans, exchanges, gambling, insurance, and even more industries can be subversive through intelligent contracts.

This is the land of the use of Tai Square. Like Bitcoin, it can be used as a medium for trading and value storage. But in different than bitcoin is that the intelligent contract can be posted to their block chain.

This means these intelligent contracts, with its guarantee for performing and unconditional security, can also benefit from the decentralization and unrecognized block chains.

Just like the Bitcoin block chain uses Bitcoin as its “local” currency, the EtOAc. This means that all transaction costs are paid in Eth. Therefore, whenever someone deploys a smart contract, I need to purchase ETH as the transaction fee.

Ethere can also exploit. Unlike Bitcoin, some of the trading flows to the miner, but a large part is completely burned and disappeared. Tanfri is also upgraded, theoretical can handle 100,000 transactions per second, which will make it incredible.

Tanfri is helping to build the next generation of the Internet. Goldman Sachs and European Investment Banks have used Ether as-ascending to digitize their bonds and settle it entirely on the block chain. Other companies such as Amazon, IBM, and Microsoft also pay attention to the Tanfrie, which has become the next generation of payments, settlement and digital ecosystem pillars only.