Why is the game based on the block chain technology?

Currently, hundreds of millions of online gamers around the world. If these players join the block chain game trend, imagine what impact this will affect the buddh? In addition, such an event is likely to become a gate chain leading to a hundred million dollars in an electronic competitive industry.

In order to achieve this, let the game player join the block chain game is the key. In this case, fighting games are considered to be the most popular game type in professional players. Cryptofights exists in the BSV ecosystem, which is a online fighting game, which is stored in the BSV block chain. The complexity of the game can only be implemented by Bitcoin SV technology and its extension capabilities. This year, we see that the Cryptofights single-day transaction records more than 2 million, exceeding the daily average transaction volume, close to the sum of all block chain day trading volume. It is worth mentioning that this game is still in the test phase, which means that it has a long way to go in the next few months and a few years.

CEO ADAM KLING CEO ADAM KLING, players can make money by playing Cryptofights. Unlike traditional games, he said Cryptofights allows players to fully control their items purchased in the game. “When you log in, you can actually log in to a non-hosting Bitcoin wallet, so when you get NFT, it is yours, we can’t take it away, this may be a traditional game and non-hosting game One of the largest fundamental differences. Encrypted block chain games. “He also said that players can make profits through the trading NFT and winning the tournament.

In an e-sports competition, block chain-based games are equally advantageous. US Electronic Athletic Organization CTO Tyler Farnsworth, CTO Tyler Farnsworth, said block chain technology can help track the cheating behavior between professional players and provide the ability to win players instantly payment. Cheating in e-sports is a challenge, and the anti-disadvantage software is located in each single game or distributor’s own fence.

There is no doubt that the block chain provides an opportunity to showcase proven authenticity on public classification, whether or not some things are wrong, can be proved to verify independently.

Tyler saw other potential purposes in large-scale electronics competitions in large-scale electronics competitions. The distribution of bonuses is a challenge in an e-sports competition. As Tyler explains, the different payment patterns and currency of global players may be a nightmare. In terms of him, a single source currency with a general wallet can achieve an unlimited level payment.

It is believed that the potential is highly recognized by the many benefits that block chain technology for games.