Why is the WEB 3.0 is the Yuan Universe?

If you are not just overlooking the virtual reality helmet, 3D virtual world, online games or Hollywood movies in the miraminated future scene, but look back from yourself, you may be surprised to find: The Internet is the Yuan Universe.

You can see many digital worlds that have been around you: they integrate online and offline, making your life more convenient.

When you drive on the highway on the highway, navigation guides your driving route, reminding you that you should not speed up, and broadcast the front road. Navigation maps and speech fuse the entity and numbers, created a reality of real world.

When you click on the take-away platform, the restaurant and the takeaeman immediately started action, and finally sent you to your hand. If you want to see, you can see the real-time position of the meal in the express delivery. This is also a new digital world that is fused with a digital fusion.

Such a digital world is not just a sense of science, even because we are in contact every day, it looks a little too normal. But I think you can’t deny that such a digital world has brought tremendous changes to our lives, which brings us a “high-tech, but low-tech life” in the heart of ordinary people.

Said “The Internet is a Yuanyuan”, of course, is not completely accurate, the Yuancai represents the imagination of the next generation of the Internet. It is still mainly mainly limited to various flat screens, and the Internet will go to the next generation.

On the one hand, we gain a new survival experience in the three-dimensional new digital world in entity scene and virtual scene. The Internet is no longer two-dimensional on the screen, consisting of interfaces and buttons, but mixed, stereo, this is the so-called stereo Internet.

On the other hand, in the new digital world, we will create and share value. In this regard, in accordance with the emphasis on emphasis, people will describe the economic logic of the new digital world with the “ownership economy” or to the creative “Creator Economy). Because of the value of ownership and incentives, we can say this is the value of the Internet.

As shown in Figure 1-1, the Yuan Universe is the third generation of the Internet (Web 3.0).

¡ø Figure 1-1 See the third generation of Internet from three perspectives

The first generation of the Internet is a PC Internet. The second generation of the Internet is a mobile Internet. The third generation is our body or digital avatar to walk into the three-dimensional three-dimensional Internet. The Internet shortens space distance, changing time dimensions, enhances people’s connection to people, but it has always been two-dimensional. Various innovative technologies such as virtual reality helmets, wearable devices, physical control, etc., are trying to bring the Internet to three-dimensional stereo, and now seem to have been critical.

The first generation of the Internet is the Internet, the value flow is very small; the second generation of the Internet is information readable, writable, but the value is mainly unidirectional; the third generation of the Internet will implement information and value two-way Free flow. The first generation of the Internet, we are on the consumer media and content, including news, video, games, social; the second generation of the Internet, we purchase physical goods through e-commerce, you can also buy online services such as takeaway, taxi; third generation Internet, we no longer just users or consumers, more and more people will work and live them. We can get income in the digital world.

In short, the Yuan Coso once again inspired our future expectations, and it made us find that he has always been on the way to the entity and digital fusion, and the world around us changes in an amazing speed of the digital technology. write. The representative of Yuanhe is the imagination of distant future. In my opinion, if you can jump to the future, from the distant future, the Yuan Coso is delivered to today’s message is – go forward, don’t look back.

Author: Fangjun, senior Internet, technical experts, current expressive laboratory partners, fire profession education consultant partners, Zeng Yutian Executive President, Modern Communication Group CTO. There is a book such as “Yuancai Super Getting Started” “Zuncha Chain Supermen” “Penetration Learning”. Work has been awarded CCTV “China Good Book”.

This article is extracted from the “Yuan Coso Super Getting Started” and is issued by the Publisher Authorization. (ISBN: 978-7-111-70137-8)