Why Web3 is related to the block chain

Internet has two phases to date: Web 1.0 and Web 2.0.

The next stage is natural is Web 3.0 (referred to as Web3). This article talks about my preliminary understanding of Web3, what is it.

First, history review

Web 1.0 stage, the user is a simple content consumer, the content is provided by the website, the website lets you see what, what you look, the typical example is the news portal.

Web 2.0, the user is the content of the content, the website is just a platform to serve the user, typical web 2.0 platform has Wikipedia, shake, WeChat, etc.

Second, the characteristics of Web3

Many of the features of Web3 are still unclear, but many of the foreign articles believe that it is related to the block chain.

I have always wanted not to pass, how did this an argument? Recently I read an article [1], I suddenly wanted to understand.

Web 1.0 is the user reads the Internet, and Web 2.0 is the user writes to the Internet. Web3 is a user living in the Internet.

Entertainment, work, study, consumption, and communication, all occurs online. The website not only provides services, or a living space, some of people can be completed online.

Studying in the education website, meeting at the meeting website, dating in social networking sites, playing in the game website. All websites jointly form an unpackable network world.

Third, virtual world

All sites live functions, if you can connect together, let users seamlessly enter another scene from a scene, then constitute a virtual world. This is probably a favorite of the MetaVerse recently.

At that stage, users are no longer access to the website, but enters the virtual world, live living on virtual online.

Fourth, Web3 is distributed

Such a virtual world, obviously can’t be monopolized by one or several giants, otherwise we will rely on these giants, and have to comply with the rules it developed. When your life is in the virtual world, a day giant suddenly decides to close your account, your virtual life will not stop!

This is why many people propose Web3 should be distributed. This has two levels:

(1) It is not a centralized, there is no single company to control it;

(2) Any service has a number of providers that connect by the distributed protocol, and users can shift from one provider to another.

V. the role of block chains

If Web3 is determined to be a distributed, the block chain is simply a natural infrastructure. Because the block chain is an implementation of a distributed database, it is distributed, and once the information is up to the upper chain, it cannot be modified.

This solves the core problem of Web3: data exchange of different websites. Different websites can read and write data from the same user, and these data can be trustworthy, so that users enter another website, as if they enter different regions of the same world.

Once Web3 is built on the block chain, according to the design of the block chain, the user needs to have a digital wallet, which is your ID card and bank account in the virtual world. Your identity, property, consumption, is identified by this digital wallet. The website passes the ID of the digital wallet to identify who you are.

On the other hand, after the digital wallet, banks and finance become virtual, which makes the virtual world more similar to the real world.

Six, digital assets

The block chain is allowed to write any data, so inevitable, all digital records of our virtual life can be placed on the block chain.

If each virtual item has its own number, record them in the block chain, then they can determine their owners (ie, associated into digital wallets).

For example, every digital toothbrush of the virtual world can have a unique number on the block chain, which will not be confused with other toothbrushes, and determine the owner of each toothbrush by associating the digital wallet.

I don’t know, why should I put the toothbrush on the block chain, I just give an example, indicating that the block chain can do this.

We can even trader this toothbrush, register it to another digital wallet, let it turn it into others. Now very hot NFT, it is so doing, but it is not a toothbrush on the block chain, but digital collectibles.

At the recent CHRIS DIXON [2], he publicly said: “Web3 is ownership”, it means this.

If everyone, all items, all transactions are registered on the block chain, then its web3-based gameplay is endless, it is now unimaginable. The possibility of virtual world is 100 times, 1000 times more than the real world.

At present, only the initial stage of Web3, the infrastructure has not been completed, and the gameplay is still exploring, but progress is very fast. This area should be born countless innovation and opportunities, it is worthy of close attention.