Winter Olympics with digital renminbi begins

I hope, I hope, Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics opens.

On the evening of February 4, the opening ceremony of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics was held at the National Stadium “Bird’s Nest”.

At the beginning of this New Year, in addition to the exciting opening ceremony, the digital RMB booth in the franchise store and the “Bird’s Nest” also became the most eye-catching and most “eye”.

Many consumers have also ushered in the “first experience” of the consumer place for the franchise retail store and catering.

1. Payment new options:

The ice pier encounters the digital RMB

It is limited to the provisions of Winter Olympics, during this Winter Olympics, Winter Olympics supports the use of VISA and cash (including physical renminbi and digital RMB). It is worth noting that VISA is an Olympic Games and Paralympic Games officially designated exclusive payment service providers, and digital RMB is sovereign currency, faithful, unrelated restrictions, can also be used in the red line.

For users who are accustomed to mobile payments, using digital RMB can save both physical renminbi and inconvenience to find out, it can save troubles from the queue.

In the Bird’s Nest, consumers who purchase mascot goods in winter Octa have endless. The reporter saw on the spot, some consumers were proficiently using digital renminbi to complete purchase payment, and some consumers who did not have physical RMB, under the guidance of on-site volunteers and Bank staff, and did not wait until the Digital RMB APP .

As a “old user” who has already used the number of RMB for a year, the reporter opened the app, slid on open the payment code, pay ~ Put the cute ice pier, the Bird’s Nest “top” to the hand!

2. Non-contact payment:

Current epidemic prevention helps security Olympics

Digital renminbi support touchs, scans, online purchase, etc., can be convenient to achieve non-contact payment.

This is also the only payment method that can be implemented in the three payment methods available in Winter Olympics, showing its unique advantage during Winter Olympics in the prevention and control of the epidemic.

In the Dongbo Valentine’s Supermarket, consumers use Winter Olympics digital RMB hard wallets, and successfully completed payments across the glass “touch” business POS machine.

“During the epidemic, whether it is a real renminbi or a credit card, it will inevitably increase the contact between the cashier and the payer, or pay it with the digital RMB.” A consumer feeled.

3. Loose coupling:

You can open without a bank account.

During this Winter Olympics, Chinese residents and foreign friends can enjoy the mobile payment of small conveniences in the territory of digital RMB products. And this is the first step is to open a digital renminbi wallet.

“As long as the mobile phone number, you don’t need a bank account to open a digital RMB wallet, it is so convenient.” A volunteer surprised the reporter, from the download application, registration, bind bank card, to the opening of the account, a few minutes Can complete full steps.

Out of foreign friends can also easily download digital RMB App. Currently, digital RMB APP has been put on the Chinese area (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) in various mobile phone app stores, using Apple mobile phones, can register the China Apple ID, you can search for digital RMB and Ecny through the App Store. Find Digital RMB App Download and Installation. And using Android mobile phones, you can go to the Digital Renminbi Official Download Page (the Bank provides access to the QR code), and the download installation package is installed directly.

Since the digital RMB’s bank account is loose, open the wallet does not necessarily need a bank account. If the consumer just wants to make daily small spending, only the mobile phone number can open four types of wallets of any operator. Out of foreign friends can also use overseas mobile phone numbers to register.

The “Financial Times” reporter learned that the digital RMB APP supports nearly 100 Winter Olympics to register and open wallets.

4. Tough privacy:

Hardware wallet officially released anonymous to get flexible and convenient

In the Bird’s Nest, multiple digital RMB application scenarios are ready.

In addition to the franchise retail store, catering and other consumption places can be paid in the “Bird’s Nest”, 4 digital RMB services are available in the “Bird’s Nest” at the “Bird’s Nest”. Taiwan, audiences can understand the basic knowledge of digital RMB and experience the efficient, convenient and safe of digital RMB.

In the National Stadium Digital RMB service desk, the BSP officer is introducing the foreign friends who come to consult the digital RMB.

From the five-colored bracelet wallet to the smart electronic wallet, from the Hidden Shaw wallet to the key fell wallet, these different wallets are digital RMB hardware wallets. China Bank’s Winter Olympics Digital Ramery Hard Wallet is the first to officially use the public.

It is easy to open with the mobile phone number with the mobile phone number. Consumers can easily access the channels such as Bank of China, hard wallet self-help exchange, fixed-point hotel, and open digital RMB wallets.

Overseas come to China, according to their own needs, can apply hard wallets, or use overseas mobile phone numbers after downloading digital RMB APPs and open anonymous four-way wallet, easy to exchange digital RMB with real currency or external card, enjoy China Mobile Convenient payment.

5. “Post a Post”:

Easy to manage hard wallets with mobile phones

During the Winter Olympics, the hardware wallet purchased by consumers can also be used in other pilot occasions.

Download the digital RMB app users, if you buy a winter wallet, you can conveniently “post a post”, this feature allows the soft and hard wallet “Internet”, users can manage hardware wallets on their mobile phone, so that hardware walletsSafety.

Specifically, “post a post” can read the device loaded with the digital RMB hardware wallet. After opening the NFC function of the mobile phone, turn the hardware wallet with the mobile NFC area, and the mobile phone app can read hardware wallet information.After “posting a sticker”, you can use the digital RMB APP to pay the password setting, recharge, the balance and the transaction detail, etc.

“I bought Zhang Dongbo hard wallet, I want to stay as a commemoration. I have been the” post-stickers “function, I bought a bottle of water, I bought the bottle of water, and I turned back to my mobile phone.”A consumer said.