With a Bitcoin “take off”: becomes possible with encrypted currency in Latin America

Headquartered in Colombia, FLAPZ announced in early November that it will begin to accept the use of encrypted currency to book business flights and related products.

The CEO of the Air Company said in an interview with the media that the company has accumulated a value of approximately $ 89,200 in November.

The FLAPZ system allows you to make almost real-time flight bookings, users can search, compare and book more than 250 aircraft flights, including helicopters and business jet.

FLAPZ is currently developing business in Colombia, Chile and Israel, and announced its plan to open in Peru and Argentina.

Its encrypted currency payment service is conducted by cooperation with online payment gateway Quickipay, which is intended to have different payment methods such as cash, bank transfer, encrypted currency, credit card and debit card, and people who are unable to access financial systems around the world. Provide bank service.

Quickipay’s leader Chief Operation Operation Operation Operation Officer Cristus, Schwarbach pointed out in the press release released by FLAPZ: “Just like Flapz provides private aviation services for users who need air transport, Quikipay has various Payment method, and use block chain technology to enhance service efficiency, help goods and services to use the payment system in a relaxed, simple way, regardless of the user. “

In the world’s major market, especially in the United States, the possibility of using encrypted currency rental business is growing. According to FLAPZ, some operators report that nearly 50% of sales belong to such transactions.

Jonan Galiano said that under the guidance of its continuous development of innovation and technology ecosystems, he believes that Latin America has a great potential in the field of encryption payment.

Jonan said: “Increased demand for encryption type transactions in Colombia, so far, these transactions accounted for nearly 30% of our global sales, we will join hands with strategic partners such as Quikipay, continue to work hard to improve business flight levels in Latin America and Encrypted payment services, convenient for more people to use aviation services. “