Yuancos and Web3 look very similar: Where is the most important difference between the two?

At the business technology, there are two popular words to brush screens.

One is a web3, one is a metamorphic.

From some reports, many people think that the two words are the same thing. In fact, although they are associated in several important aspects, they are actually described in different concepts. This article mainly tells the difference between the two.

What is the web3 and Yuan universe?

Simply, Web3 is the decentralized Internet, which is established based on block chains and distributed technologies such as seminars (DAO), rather than concentrating on individuals or companies.

The concept of Web3 is to create a more democratic Internet. No entity can control the information flow, and will not destroy the network because people sitting hardware ownership can “unplug the plug”.

In theory, servers, systems, and networks in Web3 run, and where data stores will be owned by users, users vote determines the rules and regulations of the network.

Why is it called Web3? Because people think it will be the third major change in the Internet after the Internet (Web1) and users generated network (Web2, social media).

On the other hand, the “Yuan Cosen” is currently a referred to as the virtual world, and users can communicate with each other in the virtual world, and in more immersive ways to contact the application and service.

The word “Yuan Universe” has appeared in the sci-fi “avalanche” in Neil Stephenson, which describes a virtual reality world. Since then, this concept has become mainstream through the “number players” and “hacking empire”.

Today, the development of technology is rapidly chasing the pace of science fiction.

A survey found that 70% of respondents believe that by 2030, we will be able to enter the virtual world of nearly “completely true”. More broadly, the word Yuancai today is used to refer to any online space that strives to create an immersive environment.

Therefore, like “Fortnite” is used as a game of virtual concert venues, as well as Roblox to establish a brand world for enterprises, and is also considered to be a space experience of the Yuancosian.

Why do someone think they are one thing?

There are several reasons.

First of all, a most obvious reason is that there may be no many people really determine what the Web3 and Yuan Universe are.

Both of these are a large extent by many different people and organizations “to”, these people and organizations have different ideas for the final creation.

For example, Meta (former Facebook) said it will cost at least $ 10 billion in 2021 to develop the concept of Yuancos. However, it has great difference between the vision of the Yuanhe Universe and those who think that the Yuanhe should be decentralized, and people who are not controlled by big companies.

Secondly, whether it is the center of the network (Web3), or the Yuan Universe, has been known as “Web 3.0” at different times.

This title is only used to explain that the two things represent the third large-scale iteration of the Internet. If you are searching “Web3” in Google now, most results will mention the concepts described in the first section of this article.

In addition, some people simply describe Web3.0 as a new generation of “immersive networks” to distinguish from previous networks. In other words, the description is actually “Yuan Universe”.

The three points may be the most important, and the two are often mixed with one reason is that they do have cross in some very important aspects.

Techniques for building web3 – including block chains and block-based encrypted currencies, such as bitcoin and E-Squad, and NFT – all use and experience virtual world in work, entertainment, social and learning The way has a huge impact.

How does the Web3 and the Yuan universe “hand in hand”

It may be the most convenient way to pass encrypted currency.

Encrypted currency can constitute the basis of economic and monetary system in the Yuancostea. If the Yuan space is a digital equivalent of the real world, then people are likely to shop there, make money, start a business.

Encrypted Currency provides a ready-made platform; no need for banks, clearing, brokerage companies or exchanges, can make people trading and investing these parties. It is enough to only need a wallet stored on a computer (or cloud).

So what do you want to buy in the Yuancosian? Why do people want to buy those digital items that “unreal”?

In 2020, the market size of digital virtual items in video games has reached $ 54 billion. Most of these items are cosmetics, players wear these items just to decorate their avatars, or “home” in the game, or just pure use to show off.

This is the reason for NFT.

NFT is another key element in Web3, which makes it possible to make the “unique” item existing in the digital world. This is because the majority data constituting the Internet, social media and virtual reality is unlimited only by “copy past”.

The manufacturer naturally will not let this obvious business opportunities. At present, companies like Nike have begun to build NFT shoes and clothes that exist in digital world. After all, people will spend hundreds of dollars in the real world to buy expensive limited edition sneakers, then in the virtual world, the same limited edition, why can’t you use incorrect? Finally, from the technical point of view, Web3 provides the foundation for the establishment of the entire digital world on the detrogenization platform.

For example, Decentraland is built in the entire world in the Chain Chain of Taiquifu. Users can use the tarpaulin to buy the land that truly belong to them. All of these land is a user, not a company that stores the server of these plot data.

This is not only the user can make profits (similar to the fried room) with the appreciation of the land, and they can set the rules for their own land.

In the desired virtual world, the management of land can be conducted through intelligent contracts, which are implanted in block chains and perform themselves. Users can vote and exercise democratic rights to influence the work of the whole world.

Therefore, the Web3 and Yuan Universe are two fundamental concepts, but at the same time it is closely related in many ways. More importantly, they are all possible to promote each other more powerful, which is why we feel excited about the interaction between the two.